POSTED: 02.08.2011

How Can I Stay Organized?

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As I speak on organizing the comment often arises, “I get organized
but then it all falls apart. How can I stay organized?” Good question.

Here are 3 habits that can take you from frustrated to fantastic.
Anyone can practice them. It takes one new action at a time and

1. Practice the “Two Minute Pickup” All Day. This means before leaving
in the morning clean up the kitchen for 2 minutes, before lunch spend
2 minutes clearing out emails, before dinner spend 2 minutes
organizing desk papers into a To Do list. You’ll always come back to

2. Set up a Weekly Schedule. A simple 3 x 5 card posted near your
computer will remind you: Monday-send staff email, Tuesday clean out
one file, Wednesday send your Blog post, etc. Or at home post it in
the kitchen: Monday wash clothes, Tuesday get groceries, Wednesday
vacuum, etc. If you want to improve any aspect of your life, set up a
weekly schedule. Test and adjust it until it works.

3. Use an Email or Phone Reminder to Create a New Habit. If you want
to be on time for work and your drive is 20 minutes, set a reminder to
ring 30 minutes before arrival. That gives you a 10 minute cushion to
leave. If you want to remember to exercise more, set a reminder 45
minutes before you need to be at the gym.

Why does a Two-Minute Pickup, Weekly Schedule and email/phone Reminder

Because they create regular habits to accomplish things you need to do
daily. These aren’t “To Do” list items. They are routine habits that
will build a successful day!

A Personal Application: The retirement home in Florida wondered how I
could remember to call my mother Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4
p.m.every week. Simple – My phone rang 15 minutes before the time in
California and I called my 88 year old Mom. When she passed away I had
no regrets and lots of good memories. It was a good time habit.

What would be the best thing to set a Time Reminder for yourself?

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