Summer Coaching Program Organize Your Toughest Project with1-on-1 Coaching
Summer Coaching: Pick any challenging room or project for 1-on-1 Coaching with Marcia herself to organize from start to finish! You'll be relieved it’s done & feel in control. Three 30-minute Coaching Calls and strategic ACTION PLANS included in each session. With Coaching and accountability by Phone, Face Time, or Skype, Marcia will inspire you to accomplish more than you ever imagined! After Labor Day this Introductory Price goes up! All Coaching sessions must be completed by August 30.
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Bringing Simplicity Home! Room by Room Organizing to Live Clutter-Free
“Bringing Simplicity Home” is THE Course to achieve your dream of living clutter-free at home. No more clutter in the four busiest rooms at home: bedroom & closet, kitchen & refrigerator, family living spaces, and bathrooms & laundry area. Weekly Webinars with step-by-step Action Plans, Coaching, Accountability, and “Before & After” photos will bring simplicity to your home! Course book, Simplify Your Space, is included. You are welcome to join anytime.
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Organize ALL Your Papers A Proven Plan to Put Your Life in Order!
"Organize ALL Your Papers" Coaching Class is a Proven Plan to put your papers in order - and your life! No more paper piles, late bills, lost receipts, or scramble for tax time. 4 inspiring classes beginning August 12. Includes Webinar.
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"Simplify Your Life" DVD Course Includes DVDs, Book, Workbook, CD
The "Simplify Your Life: Get Organized and Stay that Way" is the key signature class to organize your whole life in 7 sessions on DVDs. The course covers managing your home, your time, paperwork, email, computer files, family, holidays and projects. The paper organizing and folding demonstrations will inspire you to organize your home, your time, and life. The package includes all DVDs, Book, Workbook, & CD and a Bonus session. For Groups or Individuals. (Regular $99)
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Photo Organizing (Digital) & Displays
Learn how to organize digital photos easily, why it takes less time than you think, and how you can display them to enjoy in your home or office. Rendi President, Annie Danielson teams up with The Organizing Pro, Marcia Ramsland to display photos stylishly. (1 hour)
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Proverbs 31-Women in Action! Bible Study on God's Woman in Action Everyday
Proverbs 31 is a masterpiece of time management principles and the longest passage in the Bible on women. This practical and inspiring Bible Study gives a new twist to be God's woman in action every day.

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Class #1: "Organize Your Closet!"
The first step in looking your best and getting organized is to clean out your closet. Learn step-by-step how to achieve a well-organized closet with clothes and outfits you actually wear. Don't stress in the mornings over having "nothing to wear." Learn how to dress well and expand you're wardrobe with what you have. You'll feel like a new person after our closet makeover. Diagrams and closet photos included. (1 Hour)
FREE for a limited time so you'll know how great our courses are and take more!

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Class #2: "Organize Your Print Photos!"
Have you wished you could get all your photos organized? Professional Photo Organizer, Melinda Hollis, shares tips and secrets to get your photos organized and start enjoying the memories. This is a class you don't want to miss!!! Learn a system to organize your print photos - out of the boxes.
With simple guidelines & cheerful encouragement you can experience first hand that good intentions can become a reality.
Handouts with pictures and 10 Steps. (1 hour)
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Class #4: Dress Fast and Look Fabulous
Wonder how to look great and save time each morning? Fashion Expert Jill Swanson will teach you how to dress your best every day with a strategy that will not only have you feeling comfortable and confident, but save you time and money. Go from frumpy to fabulous in minutes! Handouts (1 hour)
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Class #5: Organize Your Children and Family
Help your kids put their best foot forward and succeed. Learn to organize kids' papers, get them to clean their room and more! Class includes downloadable booklet "Ages and Stages of Getting Children Organized!" (1 Hour)
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Class #6: Reach Your Goals!
Upgrade your life by setting and reaching your goals! Learn the Difference in a New Year's Resolution, a Bucket List, a Goal and why that matters! Learn the 7 Steps to Make Any Change and why it's important what you do on the weekends. (1 hour)

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Class Leader Package Includes 7 DVD sessions, Leader's Guide, Book, Workbook, & CD!
The "Simplify Your Life: 7 Weeks to a NEW Organized You" Book and Bible Study DVD Series features seven 30 minute segments for your group including Leader's Guide to lead you Step-by-Step. Over 900 women completed the study in 22 states! Perfect for Small Groups or Bible Study Groups.
(Regular $99)
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DVDs Only Simplify Your Life 7 Classes on DVD
Now you can watch the seven training sessions and learn how to organize your life - in just 7 sessions! What a great way to see and hear Marcia Ramsland teach the book and Bible Study, see charts, tips, and "Before and After" photos to inspire you to organize your life - at home, at work, and your time. (Regular $69.00)
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Class Materials
For either the Simplify Your Life DVD or Online Class, or to study on your own, a woman's small group, or Bible Study group, these are the materials you will need. Includes the Simplify Your Life book, workbook and CD. You will discover tips and systems to simplify your life in your busy schedule, home and desk /paper work, parenting, holidays and life transitions.

*Discounts for 10 or more Book and Workbook sets. Request the Group Order Form
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SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE - Book Get Organized and Stay That Way!
Is it really possible to simplify your life? The answer is a resounding "yes!" IF you have the right tips and systems in place. With fast-paced, step-by-step instructions, Simplify Your Life walks you through refreshing new ways to manage your daily schedule, your life at home and at work, and special seasons of your life such as the holidays, parenting, and life transitions. * This is the book we recommend for every busy woman to read. It's also in the Complete Class Package with DVDs, Workbook, and CD for an even better price. (Reg. $15)
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SIMPLIFY YOUR TIME - Book Stop Running & Start Living!

Organize Your Time

Do you have more things to do than time to do them? Gain control of your day by learning how to save time, spend time, capture time, and multiply your time. With this 30 day Time Makeover, learn practical skill that help you save time, manage time, and master Time management planning. (Reg. $15)
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SIMPLIFY YOUR SPACE - Book Create Order and Reduce Stress!

Organize Your Home and Office

It's a fact: too much stuff complicates our lives. Simplify Your Space offers the simple, clean look you want and deserve with room-by-room solutions for home and work. Stand at the door of any room - and organize like a pro! (Reg. $15)
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The Three-Book Package "SIMPLIFY FOR SUCCESS" Series
Best Book Buy: All Three Books
$39.00 (Save $6.00)

The 3-Book Trio by The Organizing Pro (Thomas Nelson Publisher) contains the most practical tips and systems to organize your life, find you more time each day, and organizing your space. Featured at Barnes and Noble, Costco, Office Depot, and wherever books are sold. Get your autographed copies here!

For more info, see individual books below
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Simplify Your Holiday Season Turn Seasonal Stress into Holiday Success
Simplify Your Holiday Season is not just a book, but a tool with a pocket that you will pull off the shelf every year to centralize all your holiday notes. You'll discover practical tips and new celebration ideas to cover all your bases with ease from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Year's. The Front Pocket will hold Gift Lists from each year and your notes! 8 x 10 inches (Regular $16.95)
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Simply December Devotions 25 Days to Celebrate the Real Meaning of Christmas
A Purse Size Devotional. To prepare your heart and home for Christmas, it takes more than giving presents and decorating! Celebrate the real meaning of Christmas with a daily December 1-25 Devotional, a Holiday Tip a Day, and the Page a Day Planning Chart.
* Quantity Discounts for 6-600 copies! Great for participant take home at holiday gatherings. 64 pages. 4x6 inches (Regular $6.95)
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BOTH Simplify Your Holiday Season AND Simply December Devotions
BEST PRICE for BOTH Simplify Your Holiday Season AND Simply December Devotions! Prepare your heart & home to be ready & calm. Planning Pocket, Tips, Timelines, & Celebration idea. Request an Autograph. (Reg. $23.95)
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Coaching or In-Person Organizing
Personal Coaching is the fastest way to make a change In-Person or by Phone such as organizing your home or business, business branding, Online Marketing, book writing and Home Office Organizing. Move through obstacles and succeed with strategic ideas and regular accountability. Or focus solely on Time Management Coaching to maximize your limited time, streamline your schedule, & choose the right Time Tools.

* In Person Organizing and Consulting = 4 Hours for a Half Day.
* Coaching via Phone, Face Time, or Skype for a total of 4 Hours.
The Coaching includes an advance Questionnaire, Accountability, & Strategic One-on-One Coaching in Time Management, Productivity, Book Writing, Branding, Online Marketing, or any Organizing Challenge.

Arrangements can be made for in southern California, Chicago, or out of state for In-Person Coaching or organizing. Full or Half Days available.

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Organizing Video Clips
"A picture is worth a thousand words." It's so true! See Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, in not 1 but 9 video clips from her DVD series, "Simplify Your Life: 7 Weeks to a NEW Organized You!"
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Time Tracker Chart - 168 Hours
We received 1,500 online signups for this offer listed in Better Homes and Gardens magazine and now you can have it, too! This is the actual colored "168 Hour Time Tracker"of the Better Homes and Garden writer's colored sample 168 Hour Time Tracker. Directions how to track your own schedule in Simplify Your Life and Simplify Your Time books.

Download PDF * Sample 168 Hour Time Tracker Chart

Download PDF * Blank 168 Hour Time Tracker Chart
Children's Job Chart From "Ages and Stages of Getting Children Organized" booklet
This Age Level Job Chart of what's appropriate for birth through high school age will equip your child with life skills to succeed at school and in life. Post this on your refrigerator and remember every Monday morning you get to start fresh training your child good habits for the week!