Have you treated yourself to something fun this summer even in the pandemic? Summer of 2020 is certainly memorable, but it can be a good memory, too.

Here are 10 Ideas for one more run at a relaxing summer finish. Of course I did #6 and #10, but I’m thinking of doing #5!

10 Fun Things to Do Before Summer Ends

1. Wear Your Summer Favorites One More Time

Wear the fun stuff … Bermuda Shorts, short skirts, playful sun dresses and sandals.
You only have about 10 days before you’ll be wondering if you can wear white shoes after Labor Day. (You can, you know.)

2. Treat Yourself to Ice Cream

Out of college and desperate for a job, I applied to manage a Baskin Robbins ice cream store (really!) Except I wondered, Who would buy ice cream in the winter in Illinois?
Ice cream says “Summer” so get a double dip! (I didn’t get the job, but that was ok.)

3. Do Something Playful

Little kids know how to play are the beach and can teach us adults, too.
Just stop, find something interesting, and start playing
– tennis, hiking, running, shopping.

4. Head to the Nearest Water!

You might be lucky enough in this pandemic to have access to water. If so, get there!
Come January you don’t want to be saying, “Why didn’t we go to the beach (pool or waterpark) more last summer?” Grab your suit and a friend to sit six feet apart and make a memory. Selfie’s encouraged.

5. Wash Your Car and Have a Water Fight!

Get out the hose and have some water fun. It will remind you of washing your first car as a teenager and you’ll feel young again. Don’t mind the neighbors. They’ll be jealous and come over to find out what the fun is all about!

6. Sort Through a Box or Closet for Curiosity’s Sake

Last summer I went through my childhood memorabilia boxes … sorting, recycling notes, old graduation tassels, and upgrading the remaining contents from cardboard box to a covered plastic box with a lid.
It’s a lovely trip down “Memory Lane.”

7. Get Outdoors and Take Your Christmas Photo in Sunshine

Where could you go to make to have a “Summer Sendoff” – a beach, a hiking trail, a water park, a sports park? Get out and breath the fresh air of summer. We’ve been cooped up inside way too long. This could be a Christmas photo shot, too.

8. Set Your Kids up for School Success – and You, too

If you’re a parent, go through your kid’s room with them and clean it up. Kids do better at school with an organized room. I already helped my daughter-in-law set up their home for “Virtual Learning.” Reconfigure your space or ask me for help if you need it. I was a teacher, a parent, and space organizing expert. We can do it together!

9. Have a Barbecue in your Own Back Yard

Nothing tastes and smells better than something grilling in your own backyard, whether it’s good ole’ hamburgers and hot dogs, or a veggie Shish-Kabob.

10. Buy One Last Item of Summer Clothing

Everything is on sale now and you can let go of your old ones. That way you can wearing them now and prolong that summer feeling. And you’ll look forward to wearing them next year.

Today’s Tip:
“Wait until the last 10% of grilling time to slather on glazes. If applied too early, they’ll turn your food into a charred mess.” — Woman’s Day

What fun thing will you do to finish up this summer with a smile?

Cheering for Summer to end well for you,
Marcia Ramsland, Your Organizing Life Coach

The 4 Day Trip Packing Checklist

4 Day Trip Packing Checklist

Are you going on a trip? Packing isn’t the problem getting ready… it’s all the decisions of what to put in the suitcase that pile up the stress the night before.

So I’ve detailed a 1 page sheet that you can download to take the stress out of packing. You’ll get a good night’s sleep before every trip from now on!