How are you affected by the Coronavirus changes in our culture?

It’s a big change slowing down the “train of our busy lives.” We don’t know how long it will go on, but pause to consider . .

Is this your situation?

  • Kids home from school for the weeks ahead?
  • You are working from home or have a spouse at home?
  • You’re over 65 yr old and told to stay home?
  • Your favorite restaurants, church services, and gym workouts closed down?

It’s a pause in life that we hoped would be temporary but now looks like it will extend for weeks and potentially even months.

How will you restructure your life to this “New Normal”
and not give in to Fear?

In response to the world changes here are my . . .

10 Things to Do During Coronavirus Directives

1) Type out a list of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals for the next two – three Weeks.

2) Limit the amount of time you spend watching the news and social media to avoid the “panic” and “worry” it may cause you.

3) Get more than normal sleep and drink water to keep your immune system as strong as possible.

4) Share positive news and words with friends and family that are more worried than you are.

5) List everything you always wanted to have time to do at home, but never had the time to do.

6) Plan positive evening entertainment for yourself and your family: Popcorn and Movie nights, Game Nights, Bookworm Reading Night)

7) Create a “Home Detective Clipboard” and list 10 clutter spots in your home you now have the time to go through.

8) Clean out your Email In-Box with my directions in “
How I Deleted 22,704 Emails!” HERE

9) Organize your financial records and especially put together an “EMERGENCY FILE” to grab and go if need be. (Birth & Marriage Certificates, Passports, Password Lists, Medical & Financial Information)

10) Pull yourself together and focus on the blessings of being healthy while praying for those in more need than yourself.

You might be asking …Why do I need to manage my time? I’m in a crisis.

Yes, it is a unique time, but knowing how to manage time and be flexible and positive during it will make sure you and our nation get through it in the best possible way under the circumstances.

P.S. I know this will be a Class we never forget as we bond together. I invite you to join us online where you’ll be safe and supported.

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