If you could organize only 5 key areas to get organized, you’d have mental calm that everything is buttoned up and in order. Really.Further It only takes focusing on five key areas to get organized and stay that way in daily life. Once you keep up on them, you’ll be amazed at how calm your life is. Here they are:

1) Organize Your Home so it’s the Most Relaxing Place to Go

If you have clutter at home, you’ll be visually tuning out what you see and waiting for that “sometime” to get it organized. Instead, as well as tackle the visible part of your home first in this order for the fastest results.

* Prioritize Your Kitchen

Clear the front 2/3 of any countertop and soon you’ll speed up mealtime cleanup. Yes, set a timer and get the kitchen cleanup done within 15 minutes after each meal.

* Complete Today’s Laundry

Practice my “Same Day Laundry Principle” that whatever you put into the washing machine, the same day gets washed, dried, folded as well as AND put away! Homes that are clutterfree complete this task daily.

* Do the 2 Minute Pickup

Whenever you’re about to leave a room, put away everything you can in 2 minutes! This includes the 3 most used living spaces in your home: making your bed, cleaning up the bathroom morning & evening, as well as straightening your computer area. Furthermore, Make the 2 Minute Pickup a habit!

2) Become a Great Time Manager

Every day write the time you will start a To Do item on the hour or the half hour. With 16 hours of “awake time” each day, you will get a lot finished. Better yet, get a Planner from my list of recommended Planner products and learn to use the pages that are already printed. further, Schedule your top 3 priorities for first thing the next morning.

3) Organize Your Desk & Get Your Paperwork Done!

An organized desk with minimal items on it will allow you to focus and get more done. Solve your mail pile problem with 5 folders in an attractive file holder: To Do, To Pay, To Decide, Information, Your Name. Add a folder for each person in the family and help them sort weekly.

4) Plan Regular Financial Dates with Yourself

This is the key to saving money – setting up “Weekly on Wednesdays” or “Financial Fridays” to check your credit card bill, correct overcharges, total your savings each month, pay bills. Further, When you pay attention to where your money comes and goes, you’ll be able to be proactive and relieved knowing where it goes!

5) Use Your Talents for Yourself and Others

Once you have organized your home, your desk, and finances, you’ll feel free to let your creativity come out as an Entrepreneur developing new products, a Volunteer making a difference in your world, as well as inviting people over for sharing a meal. You’ll have more time and friends once you ask, yourself “What is my favorite thing to do?” and do it! There’s only one you and it’s important to Time Block that talent into your calendar.

Once you master the above skills, you will feel like you have arrived! That’s what all my 1-1 Clients and Class participants work towards and achieve with Coaching.

You can too! Focus on one area and keep at it until you master it. You can do it!

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