“Out with the Old, Make Room for the New” at the year end is the perfect annual time to clean out the old and begin with a fresh start in January. Follow our six item Plan for home and work to take action and proclaim “Out with the Old, Make Room for the New!”

Pick one area that needs the most attention and stay focused on it for one week. You’ll be so glad you gave it a good cleanup before the New Year!

1) Clean Up at Home

Put away any countertop clutter or holiday decorations. When you see flat surfaces cleaned off and you’ve done a quick vacuuming, your home will look much cleaner. This is also a good time to go through a clothes closet a day with each child or family member and donate to charities that need extra clothing in the winter months.

2) Finish Up All Your Paperwork

Go through paper piles and get paper projects listed on a Master List, file papers that need to be put away, and clean up your desktop. Nothing starts the new year better than a clear desk and work surface.

3) Clear Out Your Email In-Box

This is the perfect time to clean out your email inbox by reading and deleting, or categorically deleting anything over six months old. Create and move emails into files marked by three-month time frames and the year. That way they are still accessible with the “Search” feature, but you have a clean inbox.

4) Summarize, Transfer, and Pay Up Finances

This is the time to balance your checkbook and list a summary of your savings and expenses for the year. Organize your financial papers in file folders by clearly labeled credit cards, receipts, utilities, major purchases, and home repairs. Take the time to organize them and transfer any funds into a higher interest account. Tax preparation and staying financially organized will be so much easier once you’ve taken the time to get organized online and in your financial file drawer.

5) Reorganize Your Office

As a Leading Organizer and Business Coach I’ve often organized client offices during the week between Christmas and New Year’s since so few people are at work. The client is able to focus on organizing and is visibly more productive when the year begins. It’s worth heading into work for one day to get the office cleaned up.

6) Review and Clean Out File Drawers

This is a good time to clean out file drawers by starting in the back and working to the front. Shred or recycle what you no longer need. Now everything is mostly digital so it’s good to either scan papers or eliminate them completely. Keep your paper drawers current.

Be sure to pick one project that would give you the most satisfaction when completed. You’re about to begin a new year!

Let go of the old and get ready for the new by organizing your surroundings. Begin with controlling your space and belongings and you’ll find the next year more efficient and effective!


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