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I’m sharing this inspiring file with you today. Learn the 3 areas to assess where you can save time and be more productive.
When you are finished viewing the PDF, email me your “Before” and “After” pictures in one email and I will respond with some tips for you.
PH-cleanup office contest

Here are the “Before and After” Entries for the recent 
“Clean Up Your Computer & Office” Contest

PH-contest 4

PH-contest 2a

PH-contest 7




Abby R, Executive Director, Program Management

I chose Abby as the Winner because she had  more work to do than most to clear her desk of clutter. She still has more to do, but with her prize of 2 Full length Coaching sessions with ACTION PLANS from Marcia, she will improve.

P.S. YOU, too, are entitled to schedule a personal, private 1-1 FREE 20 Minute Call with Marcia at this link:

Why do I offer this? Because I’d love to see you be more productive in your workspace, your time, and your productivity. You will feel satisfied at the end of the day that your work is organized and you are at the “Top of Your Game” at work and in your Personal Life.

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