While advertisers boast slogans of “new and improved,” it is comforting to know that some things never change.  Christmas traditions bring comfort and welcome continuity in the safe harbor called home. Make some yearly traditions that matter. It’s never too late to start!

By Sharon Jaynes in Simplify Your Holiday Season Planner by Marcia Ramsland

1. Prepare Breakfast the Day Before.

Plan ahead with a breakfast recipe you can prepare the night before and pop in the oven on Christmas morning. Keep the cook happy, too.

2. Open Your Home to Others.

Christmas can be a joyful time of the year surrounded by family and friends exchanging gift and hugs.  But for many, Christmas is a depressing time that echoes feelings of loneliness and isolation. Ask someone to join you.

3. Expand Your Circle.

Invite a college student away from home, a widow, divorcee or single friend, or a homeless man or woman to share your celebration. Give them a gift. Let them help you with the cleanup. That will really make them feel at home!

4. Make Coupon Booklets for Your Children.

A coupon could be for one game of monopoly, an hour past curfew, a restaurant dinner, or a week of double allowance.

5. Make a Coupon Booklet for Your Spouse.

Come up with your own suggestions and they probably won’t cost any money! Offer a task they want done or a weekend away.

6. Give a Treasure.

Give a relative or a friend something of yours that they have always admired. This will convince them of your love for them and reflect real generosity.

7. Give Each Child a Christmas Ornament that Reflects Their Interests.

When they marry, give them the collection as a wedding gift. (Buy yourself an extra box of tissues.)

8. Create a Christmas Eve Tradition.

On Christmas Eve read the original Christmas story of the Nativity story by candlelight before going to bed. Remember why we celebrate.

9. Light a Candle to Remind You of the Significance of Christmas Day.

Keep a special white candle lit the entire Christmas Day to remind everyone of the very first Christmas.

10. Capture the Memories in a Christmas Photo Album.

Take a photo of everyone at your Christmas Day celebration and place them in a separate Christmas photo album. Write down who was there and any other special memories you created together.

Sharon Jaynes is an international speaker, avid blogger and author of 17 books including The Power of a Woman’s Words, I’m Not Good Enough and Other Lies Women Tell Themselves, and Becoming the Woman of His Dreams.  Her books have sold over a half million copies. She lives in N.C. with her husband, Steve. Visit www.sharonjaynes.com


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