Organize Your Closet Like a Pro!
Lose the Clutter & Love Your Closet

     “Organize Your Closet like a Pro” will show you exactly how to organize your closet for speed and efficiency
to find what you need, take the guesswork out of what to wear, and walk out the door each day looking your best.

Right NOW . . .

Watch Week #1 Video below. This is the best place to begin.

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DOWNLOAD & FILL IN – Closet Inventory (1 page)
DOWNLOAD HERE – 3 Step Closet Organizing (1 page)

Organize Your Closet Like a Pro. Begin Today!

Week 1- How to Organize Your Closet in a Week

closet girl
  • Identify and Adjust to Your Closet Layout
  • Follow Marcia’s “3 Step Closet Organizing Method”
  • Fill out a Complete Closet Inventory 
  • Learn What to Keep and What to Let Go!

    “Since your class “Organizing Your Closet” I’ve carried 9 bags of clothing out of this house. Still working on the other things that don’t belong in the closet but it looks much better. Found things I forgot I had and was able to help a needy friend. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us ‘messies.’”  — Marlene



Free PDF Downloads from Simplify Your Space by Marcia Ramsland for closet diagrams, step by step instructions to organize your closet and bedroom. You’ll step out of your closet into an organized bedroom as well!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 1 – “Simplify Your Bedroom Closet”

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 2 – “Simplify Your Bedroom”

Week 2- Create Your Seasonal Top 5 Collection

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  • Sort Your Shoes
  • Organize Your Drawers and Shelves
  • Maximize Your Donations
  • Take Pictures of Your Top 5 “Grab ‘n Go” Outfits

   “I do plan to clean out my closet again in the days to come. I have to get out more seasonal clothes though I could continue with what I have. I just want to get out some of my lighter, brighter fun stuff for summer!” — Jessie

Closet Class


Jill Swanson, Fashion and Image Consultant and author of Simply Beautiful and Out the Door in 15 Minutes, shows you how to decide the right outfit to wear each day.


Week 3- Optimize Your Accessories & Storage

closet girl
  • Organize Your Accessories
  • Maximize Your Space for Jewelry and Lingerie Organizing
  • Learn How to Store Out of Season Clothes
  • Setup Small Space Closet Organizing
  • Learn to Maintain Order in The Closet from Now On

     “This class was very good and even though I already have an organized closet, this session offered some very good tips that are practical and will be helpful, especially the “Grab ‘n Go” outfits.” — Sharon



Finish strong with a 1-1 private Coaching session with Marcia herself to plan your next steps not only to look good and stay organized, but to accomplish your next set of dreams and goals.

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Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, Bestselling Author, Organizing Coach and Speaker
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