The Winners of Fall 2023
“Declutter & Let It Go” Contest!

The “Declutter & Let It Go” Workshop was key to class members setting up intentional strategies & plans to lighten the load of “Stuff!”

We had a contest to inspire action! They had two weeks to work in their category. Here are the results:


#1 WINNER (Tie) is TAMMY! “Garage Before & After”


 Tammy’s Garage “Before”


 Tammy’s Garage “After”


 Tammy’s Garage “Before”


 Tammy’s Garage “After”

Tammy writes . . . To go from Disaster to Spacious and Orderly in the Garage is a WIN for us!

“I enlisted my husband. He started going through his boxes of stuff nightly, and during a weekend. He sorted the things he wanted to keep or get rid of. He also rearranged the location of his tool boxes so there was more room to walk from the house to the car.

“I worked to sort & categorize like items and store them together.  We got rid of many boxes and paper sacks used as storage. I was able to clear off a few of the flat spaces so that they could actually be used. I tried to keep items that were on the top of the back table to a reasonable height so they did not feel so overwhelming.

“One of the things that made a really big difference was having my husband engaged in working on the garage too. It was also helpful that he was willing to have items moved to more useful locations.

“My husband was very happy! 😊He said I did an amazing job.I sent him a picture and he texted me back, jokingly asking whose garage it was. Haha!  He is excited to be able to get to his stuff more easily, including his motorcycle. Of course that is a win!”

#1 WINNER (Tie) is CHERYL “Garage Before & After”


 Cheryl’s Garage “Before”


Cheryl’s Garage “After”


Cheryl’s Garage “Before”


 Cheryl’s Garage “After”

Cheryl writes . . . “We did a complete de-clutter job on the entire garage! Almost 1 Ton Gone!”

“This was a huge undertaking decluttering and organizing the garage! My 22 year-old son helped and we made a great team working together.

“We started by going through boxes and stacks and putting items in trash, donate and put away piles. My son removed a make-shift wall that separated the garage into two sections and we moved the shelves and cabinets to the left and right side walls to organize items in categories.

“We made several trips to the dump and Goodwill and probably released close to one ton of items including a boxspring, bed frame, two dressers, drum set, keyboards, rugs, Christmas tree, lots of wood for building, and multiple household items. It is so wonderful to walk into our spacious, clear, organized garage where we can even park a car! I love my laundry station where I can fold and hang clothes.

The Contest was very motivating and Marcia’s guidance and encouragement makes all the difference! I am so grateful to have found the Organizing Pro!

I told my son I feel like I have a whole new life! Thank you so much Marcia!  🩵  Thank you for helping me change my life and giving me so much hope.”

#1 WINNER is BARBARA! “Office Before & After”


Barbara’s School Office “Before”


Barbara’s School Office “After”

Barbara writes . . . “ I feel such a relief and lightness when I enter my space. 200 lb. of Paper Gone!”

“I’ve been teaching for 31 years and I will be retiring this year. For the past 6 years I’ve been a Language and Literacy Coach to support teachers and students in TK-6th grade.

“I moved from 2 big offices at 2 schools to this tiny closet-size space. I’m motivated to go through and give away the good books for students and teachers and to recycle the rest.  I’ve already recycled over 200 lbs of paper. I feel such a relief and lightness when I enter my space. 

I’m a professional who loves my job and feel blessed to be working with children, teachers, and families in my school community. Having had all the piles and excess was distracting and highly inefficient. I look forward to enjoying my space as I continue to support the wonderful students and teachers at Franklin School.

“I am so grateful for the Declutter and Let it Go class and individual coaching and encouragement from Marcia Ramsland.”

Barbara Conway Olson, Language and Literacy Coach * 31 year Teacher

Kudos to These Runner Ups!

 Kids Closet “Before”

 Kids Closet “After”

Lady’s Closet “Before”

Lady’s Closet “After”

Declutter Workshop Image

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