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The Winners of Spring 2023
“Declutter & Let It Go” Contest!

The “Declutter & Let It Go” Workshop was key to class members setting up intentional strategies & plans to lighten the load of “Stuff!”

We had a contest to inspire action! They had two weeks to work in their category. Here are the results:

3 Categories for Prizes

Category #1 WINNER “Before & After”

Cheryl-Home Office-After

 Cheryl’s Home Office “Before”


 Cheryl’s Home Office “After”

The Winner “Before & After” Category #1

Cheryl wrote “Before the contest I felt down, deflated, and even paralyzed when I saw this room. Now I feel like I have a true sanctuary and I feel so motivated and inspired.

“First I de-cluttered and organized the room. Then I put in flooring that I had already purchased and replaced the broken blinds (both with help).  (Notice the floor was concrete and she put in the flooring in one week!) Then I went through everything, cleaned, and decorated. I did all this after work and on the weekend.”

 Congratulations, Cheryl!


 Cheryl’s Office Closet “Before”


 Cheryl’s Office Closet “After”


 Cheryl’s Desk “After”

Category #2 WINNER -Paper, Books, and Magazines

Tammy's paper recycle

Winner Category #2

The Winner “Paper & Books” Category #2

Winner of Category #2 – Tammy wrote: “I got rid of 238 pounds of books and papers. I also got rid of  176  pounds of household stuff leaving the house.  And I did a “Before & After’  Room. Hoping that will give me extra credit for doing all 3 categories.

“It has been a great opportunity to be in the contest. It has helped me increase what I would have done and helped me up my game. Thank you so much! As usual you bring out the best in us.”

 Congratulations, Tammy!

Declutter contest - books

Recycled & Donated Books

Category #3 WINNER – Household Items Leaving the House

Amy's Household Recycle

Winner Category #3

The Winner “Household Items” Category #3

Winner of Category #3 – Amy wrote: “The reason for accumulating so much unneeded stuff? There was space to store it, items were hidden behind other items. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to get the decluttering job done. There are other rooms that I plan to do the same process.
Goodwill       166.40 Pounds
Throwaway  264.4 Pounds
Give Away      48.7 Pounds
Even if I don’t win, I feel that I have already won battle number one with decluttering.

 Congratulations, Amy!

Amy's List in Pounds

479.5 Pounds Household Donations!

Kudos to These Runner Ups!


Hailey-Laundry “Before”

Hailey-Laundry “After”


Tammy-Bedroom “Before”

Tammy-Bedroom “After”


Wendy- Project Room “Before”

Wendy-Project Room “After”


Mishelle – Trash


Mishelle – Donations


Nancy-Household “Before”

Nancy had this furniture sitting on her porch for weeks and the contest finally gave her the “push” to get it delivered. Good job!

Nancy-Household “After”

Declutter Workshop

Do you want to have that same kind of inspiration these Winners did? You can!

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