Do you feel overwhelmed opening your Inbox?

Are you annoyed with all the marketing that shows up that you didn’t sign up for?

Are you scrolling, scrolling, scrolling looking for something personal from a friend?

Then you might be getting lost in the DIGITAL JUNGLE!

You’re not the only one. It’s a common feeling called Email Fatigue!

“Email Fatigue” is the scattered feeling and mental fog after you peruse the day’s Inbox.

“Email Overload” is the weary feeling that shows up after you spend time skimming subject lines, deleting the unimportant, reading things that catch your eye, and yet wondering “What did I just gain from all of this?”

“74% of customers claim that they get overwhelmed by the email overload they see in their inbox.” – MediaPost.com, April 2021

That’s right… you are not alone. Three-quarters of people admit to feeling overwhelmed by the number and frequency of emails!

What’s the Solution to Email Overload?

The “Freedom from Email Overload” Course

This course is like none you’ve ever taken. This is your secret weapon to get control and protect your valuable Email asset and privacy.

What’s included that makes this Course so outstanding?

  • 7 Shortcuts that you can apply right away
  • TWO Coaches in the Training Masterclasses (Marcia & Mary Cay)
  • Coaching recorded for Class Member 
  • Step-by-Step Directions so you know exactly what to do
  • Accountability to take action with a Bonus 1-1 Call with Marcia

In this 3 Week Course you will benefit from . .

Opening Email: Learn to “Cherry Pick” the important emails & remove the rest

Sorting Time: Sorting should take less time than reading the Good vs the Trivial

Backlog Cleanup: A backlog is the best place to practice new sorting skills

Shortcuts: Learn how to trim down a full Inbox that only has 10% value to you.

Email Control: Once you move beyond your email and into your day.

Who is Teaching this Course?

Marcia Ramsland, Your Organizing Pro

Mary Cay Nilsen, Your Tech Expert

“FREEDOM from EMAIL OVERLOAD” is now available to you to gain clever insights in a brand new, efficient way.  get control of your Inbox.

Our 3 Goals for you are to:

  • Calm Any Feelings of Email Overwhelm
  • Eliminate Email Distractions & Marketing Overload
  • Take Positive Actions to Finally Enjoy Opening Your Email!


  • My Email Inbox is out of control. I gave up. Will this help?

(Smile). You’re going to be a great success because you have so much to sort immediately! We love teaching what to highlight and let go without causing anxiety. Just show up and learn our new strategies to save you time sorting efficiently.

  • I sometimes need someone to help me.

Good news! You’ll be able to watch the teaching live AND share it with someone who can help you.

  • I don’t pick up tech things very quickly. Will this work for me?

If you’re teachable and willing to learn, we can help you make this work. We’re big on writing numbered step “Cheat Sheets” so handling email becomes second nature.

Email Freedom Class Testimonials:

“Today I finished the first two lessons that you have produced.  I look forward to the third. Very well done, and very informative.”
— Carl Rasmussen, Scholar and College Professor

When is the Course?

You can take it right now and immediately gain new systems to stay on top of email


Mary Cay and I will guide you to develop the Best Email Routine for your life. You’ll look at your email sorting differently and you’ll know how to take successful steps to make it even better.

You’ll finish with the satisfaction that you know exactly how to handle your email more efficiently. We promise.


Marcia Ramsland, Your Organizing Life Coach


Getting control of your Inbox is the easiest way to gain freedom from email overload and move calmly through your day. Nothing is missed and everything important to focus on is in front of you. REGISTER HERE