“Fresh Start to a NEW Organized You” is an exciting Online 7 Week course will teach you how to get organized
and stay that way with inspiring teaching, “Before and After” pictures, and systems to simplify your life

You will move through the course easily by doing the following:

1) VIDEOS: Watch the Video of the Week. 30 minutes each
Take notes in your workbook as you watch on the last page of the week. All videos are under 30 minutes.

2) WORKBOOK: The Workbook has 5 days of organizing homework and application to complete after watching the video of the week.

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Organize Your Time & Home

Week 1 ‒ Simply Begin Your Journey &  1st System: Kitchen

* Simplifying Is a Personal Journey
* Maximize Mealtimes
* Declutter Your Kitchen

“In the first week I cleared off the kitchen island and counter. My husband came in and he was shocked! He loves me coming to class! The Homework was excellent and easy to follow so that I did not feel overwhelmed.” — Ann D.

Listen or Watch Proverbs 31 Audio or Video

Fill in Workbook page 11 while you watch.

DOWNLOAD HERE 7 Week Agenda for Simplify Your Life

Week 2 ‒ Simplify Your Time & 2nd System: Laundry & Closet

* Simplify Your Weekly Calendar
* Organize Your Closets & Bedroom
* Practice the Same Day Laundry Principle

 “I thought I could never get my closet in order. It was as if it owned me. Marcia Ramsland’s class gave me step by step directions where to start and how to finish. I gave away 160 pounds!!! And I feel great!!” — Trish H.

Download and Fill out Marcia’s Closet Inventory Checklist

BONUS VIDEO with Jill Swanson, my Image Consultant friend

Jill Swanson, author of“Simplify Beautiful” and “Out the Door in 15 Minutes!”

Week 3 ‒ Simplify Each Day & 3rd System: Cleaning & Clutter

* Plan Out Your Daily Schedule
* Conquer Your Clutter Spots
* Have a Clean Home with a Weekly Plan

“The most valuable part of the course is getting started and realizing I have more to do than I thought. But the momentum kept me going. I haven’t had people over for years and now I can!”  — Mary S., Naperville, IL

DOWNLOAD HERE Take this Quiz!

Organize Your Paper & Projects

Week 4 ‒ Your Mail & Daily Paperwork and Projects

* Setup a Personal Organizing Center
* Power through Your Projects
* Enjoy a Beautiful Home with Project Planning

“The book reading was wonderful. It gave lots of examples of “real” life situations that one can relate to. It was easy to read.” — Nicole D.

DOWNLOAD HERE The Diligent and the Sluggard Verses

Week 5 ‒ Create Great Days. Conquer Your Email & Paperwork

* Simplify Have a Great Day
* Organize Your Desk &  Paperwork
* Clean Out Your Email and Computer Files

“The Homework disciplined me to do the work. The Workbook bonus Bible study is helpful because it puts a reason behind it all.” — Bobbie G.

Organize Your Family, Holidays, & Major Life Transitions

Week 6 ‒Organize Your Family Life. Simplify the Holidays.

* Organize Your Parenting and Family Life
* Simplify Your Holidays
* Be Prepared to Handle Life Transitions

* In weeks 6 & 7 you can work on your next big project of your choice, such as finishing your Home Office, basement, garage, or storage boxes.

Week 7 ‒ Finish Strong! 1-1 Coaching Bonus

* Key Class Highlight Review
* Marcia’s Personal Story
* Simply Put – You Can Do This!

* This is the Project week of your choice. You can move on to Advanced Coaching when you have finished the book, workbook, and ALL Class lessons successfully by Week 7.

 “My favorite part of the course is Marcia’s encouragement “You can do this!” ‒ Starting small and working up to big projects.The person that was most impressed with my changes was my mom and husband. He said “I wish your class wasn’t ending.” It has been wonderful for our family.” — Wendy H.


DOWNLOAD HERE 10 Time Tips for the “Christian Woman’s Heart

Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, Bestselling Author, Organizing Coach and Speaker


You are one of the following A, B, or C categories below based on what you registered for. Do the Next Steps listed here based on what category you are.

 A. Self-Study Course: Apply what you learned and go on to the next week’s lesson.

B. Live Coaching Course Member: Post 4-5 pictures for this week’s topic and any questions in the Private Group Facebook group for weekly group Coaching with Marcia.

C. 1-1 Coaching with Marcia Ramsland Directly: Post your pictures for the week in your private Album that we share for our weekly live Coaching together.

I look forward to your progress and know you’re going to be a great success by following these systems.

Marcia Ramsland, The Leading Online Organizing Coach

P.S. If at any time you want my personal Coaching, email me and I’ll assist you by adding 1-1 Coaching sessions to your program.

Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, Bestselling Author, Organizing Coach and Speaker