Goals & Planning Workshop

What if you could

 plan the year ahead with all your dreams
AND make them happen? 

Planning is Powerful! When you get the big picture view, you can create a year to look forward to!

“Unless you make an intentional plan for friends, fun, projects, and new directions, turning the calendar to a new year will likely be the “same old, same old routine.” BUT we will change that in our 2023 Goals and Planning Workshop!

goal setting

What’s Covered in the
“2023 Goals & Planning Workshop?”

You’ll Learn…

  • Why Goals are Important and What They Can Do For You

  • 5 Important Qualities of an Achievable Goal

  • What Goals are Worth Setting … and What to Skip

  • What Plans will Actually Make You Happier!

  • How to Sequence Your Projects so You Won’t Quit

  • How to Get Motivated and Start a New Habit this Week!

“If you’re always striving to find some new way to grow and improve, you’ll always be successful both in the eyes of others and in your own eyes.” — Cynthia Kersey

The “2023 Goals and Planning” Workshop
is your key to setting up intentional strategies & plans to enjoy!

Hi, I’m Marcia Ramsland and I love planning and goal setting because. . .

  • January is the perfect time of year to plan the rest of the year
  • Goal Setting rises you above “every day” living
  • People who set goals are happier and more fun to be with
  • Planning gives you more control of your life to do the things you want to do

What’s my personal Life Goal?

To be a growing person! I’ll be teaching you how to make that happen in this Workshop!

When is the Workshop?

Thursday, January 12
Daytime: 11:00 PT / Noon MT / 1:00 CT / 2:00 ET
Evening: 5:00 PT / 6:00 MT / 7:00 CT / 8:00 ET

$3700 (Reg $97)
  • Live Teaching, Planning, and Coaching Right in the Workshop!
  • Step-by-Step Planning and Practical Goal Setting to Make them Take Root
  • Worksheets to Jumpstart Your 2023 Planning & Solidify Your Plans
  • Taught by Your Organizing Pro, Marcia Ramsland

We’ll fuel your excitement in the “2023 Goals and” Planning Workshop!” Get inspired by joining this Workshop and get motivated by doing it as a group. Let’s do this together!
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