The Holiday Hub Calendar & Gift List

What if you could have your
entire holiday season planned out 

on one page? We’ve got it done for you! 

“Without a Master Plan for the season, you’ll keep writing things over and over on your To Do List.”

Hi, I’m Marcia Ramsland and when I was a Holiday Spokesperson for Sam’s Club, they took my 8-Week Holiday Calendar and Master Gift List and called it the “Holiday Hub.”

I’ve added more and more to the Holiday Hub including updated calendars each year with the exact tasks you need to do every week to stay ahead of the game. I’ve even added digital versions so you can carry it on your phone and update them regularly. Cool!

So . . . get my Holiday Hub and enjoy planning this holiday season. You’ll thrive this year and every year!

Marcia Ramsland, Your Holiday Coach
Author of “Simplify Your Holiday Season” & “Simply December Devotions”

“If you do anything more than once, organize it and simplify it. That’s especially true for the holidays that come year after year like clockwork.”

Why are the holidays so busy and stressful  when it should be a peaceful season?

The Holiday Planning Hub

The Holidays add 7 layers of complexity to your already full life.

1. Gift Giving
2. Decorations
3. Christmas Cards
4. Social Events
5. Hospitality
6. Arrangements with Family
7. Too Much to Do and Too Little Time and Energy

That’s why you need to get an Organized Plan to manage it all smoothly.

Without a Plan… “It always feels too early to start, until it’s too late to begin!”

goal setting

What’s included in the “Holiday Planning Hub?” 

  • A Week by Week Calendar Checklist laid out for you to stay ahead of the holiday rush

  • A Master Gift List in print and digital so you can view it on your phone when shopping

  • Checkboxes that remind you what you bought online and not forget where you hid the presents!

  • A clever way to Corral all the Gift suggestions without laying awake at night trying to remember what’s left to do

  • The proven way to make sure you cover everyone with equal gifts so they feel loved and celebrated by You!

Holiday Hub Testimonials . . . 

“I followed the Plan and I was ready for Christmas early this year!”

“I love the Master Gift List. Now all my ideas are in one spot.”

“Even my husband asked, “Where’s that calendar? I want to know when to put the Christmas decorations up.” (Now THAT’S amazing!)

With a little extra planning, the holiday season can become a time to look forward to — a time with family and friends, beautiful decorations, homemade cooking, special events and giving from your heart.

After all, a peaceful holiday season is as much a matter of organization as it is a matter of the heart.

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