You’ll have a front row seat immediately in this Online Course! This exciting Online course will show the step-by-step “How To” get organized, inspiring “Before and After” pictures, and simplify your life. This Online series along with the book, workbook, and CD Simplify Your Life: Get Organized and Stay that Way will help you become the NEW organized person you always wanted to be. 7 Sessions (30 minutes each) plus BONUS recorded group Coaching Calls by Marcia herself!

The Complete Coaching Package includes all seven sessions, weekly Coaching, and weekly email accountability. Learn the same course material that closet to 1,000 women have done in the video series in 22 States, but in the comfort of your own home. You’ll have a front row seat and be motivated to make the organizing changes in your life. You’ll be glad you did!simplify7

Week1Week 1 ‒ Simply Begin Your Journey &  1st System: Kitchen

DOWNLOAD the 7 Week Class Agenda HERE (1 Page).

Write today’s date on Week 1 and complete the steps below. * If you don’t have your SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE book yet,CLICK to read Chapter 1 & Chapter 6

*If you don’t have your Workbook yet, PRINT Class Week 1 Workbook pages

BEGIN Each Week’s Lesson by Watching the Class Video

Chapter 1 ‒ Simplifying Is a Personal Journey
Chapter 6 ‒ Maximize Mealtimes

Your Next Steps:

1) Listen Here to this Week’s Coaching Call

Listen to call

 2) Take the PERSONAL QUIZ in your Workbook (page 9). Report your Total in this week’s email to Marcia. You will improve by the end of the course!

3) LISTEN HERE to the Audio of Proverbs 31 & fill in Workbook page 11 as you do.

 The Day Before by Noon:

Email Marcia the day before your weekly Coaching or next Class the answers to these 3 questions:

1) Did you watch the Class Video, listen to the Coaching Call, and complete the Workbook Homework including reading the Book chapters?

2) What did you change in your life this week as a result of this lesson?

3) What Questions do you have about this lesson and your particular situation?

You will learn skills to apply immediately that will last you a life time! This will be the best investment you’ve made in your time, your life, and your home!