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Welcome! This is the CLASS PAGE for “A 30 Day TIME Makeover” Course!

*Set a weekly time on your calendar to watch one class per week (60 exciting minutes)! Do the Homework and soon you will have more a clear focus of where your time goes and how to adjust it to be doing what you’d like to do.

Here is What You Need to Do Right Now:

1) READ the Better Homes & Garden Article and DOWNLOAD the TIME TRACKER that Marcia did a “Time Makeover” for that brought in 1,500 downloads! ARTICLE with TIME TRACKER HERE

2) Book: Your Course Book, Simplify Your Time: Stop Running and Start Living, has been mailed to you. Start reading it here as a Download of Chapter 1-8 in case you haven’t received it yet. DOWNLOAD HERE

3) “LIKE” Marcia’s Facebook Fan Page so you can get all the daily tips at “Marcia Ramsland ‒ Your Organizing Pro.”

* If you have paid for Coaching with the Class, email your completed Class Assignment to Marcia in ONE email. It should be emailed by dinnertime the day before your next Coaching Session. Initially this would be your Calendar & To Do list whether on paper or digital. Email directly to: [email protected] You will get personalized direction on what’s working, how to improve, and strategies to improve your time skills. It’s all about improving YOU and Your Life!

The “30 Day Time Makeover Course” Agenda

Week 1: Time-Saving Habits for Each Day!

•Why Do I Need to Manage My Time? I’m Busy!

•What Do I Want More Time to Do?

•3 of the Most Popular Time Systems!


* Your 1st Week Assignment after Class ‒ Fill in the “Time Tracker” for 1 week.

DOWNLOAD Blank Time Tracker HERE
* Write one Word of the main thing you do in each hour in the box. Directions are in the book, Simplify Your Time, Day 18, too.

* Read & Highlight Key reminders for your life in Days 1-8 in Simplify Your Time book.

Week 2: Time-Saving Tools to Manage Your Life!

• Are Your Time Tools Keeping You On Track?

• What Are the Latest and Greatest Tools?

• How Can I Get More Done Each Week?


* Your 2nd Week Assignment after Class ‒ Turn in a Colored “Time Tracker” and 2 of your improved Time Tool photos of either your filled in Monthly Calendar, To Do List, Master List, or Project List.

* Read & Highlight Key reminders for your life in Days 9-15 in Simplify Your Time book.

Week 3: Time-Saving Lifestyle Skills

• Learn to Setup Your Best Lifestyle Rhythm

• How Can I Keep From Forgetting Things?

• What Should I Do when I Feel Tired and Overwhelmed?


* Your 3rd Week Assignment after Class ‒ In the “5 Year Calendar” fill in the years, your age each year, and star significant Anniversary, Birthday, and events right in the calendar. List 15 things at the bottom of the page you’d like to do over the next 5 years. In September each year on the calendar include the name of children/grandchildren and their grade they will be going into. Soon you will see why we need to plan seasons of life ahead. Time marches on whether we do or not!

Download the 5 Year Calendar HERE

* Read & Highlight Key reminders for your life in Days 16-23 in Simplify Your Time book.

Week 4: Time-Saving Strategies

• What Are Your Dreams for the Next 3 Years?

• How Do I Get Out of a Rut I’m In?

• How Can I Get Others to Respect My Time?


What is my Coaching Expertise in Managing Your Time and Life?

* I wrote the book, Simplify Your Time: Stop Running and Start Living, which was featured in Office Depot, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other retail stores with top Time Management books.

* Apple in the UK bought a copy for Christmas for everyone of their 52 Regional Managers. Apple! Think of that credential!

* Better Homes and Garden did a 2 full page feature article that brought 1,500 people to my website to download my famous “Time Tracker” to save time. They called me a “Time Coach” then.

I look forward to the opportunity to Coach you how to get more done, in less time, and live a full, balanced life. This is going to be a great 30 Days together!

For More Coaching Time,


Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro
Professional Organizing Coach * Speaker * Author