I LOVE new calendars for the new year! Digital or paper those white, pristine squares each month represent breathing room, the margin in our lives, and a relaxed pace. The simple reason I love them is – they offer a chance to dream and to change. Can we change? Yes. And if we are to improve our lives from what it is now, the first thing we need to control is our time. That can be done by “tweaking” our lives each day in the new year with the following Time Tips for the New Year:

1. Pause before you put anything on your calendar and consider if this is something moving you forward or just “maintaining” in your life. Anything you give your time to is going to take energy and bring out your best or deplete you with the expenditure.

2. Compare new commitments to what you did last year at this time.  Focus on including uplifting relationships, great opportunities, or let it go if it’s just more pressure. You have a choice.

3. Remember a “balanced” day fills only 70-80% of your time with commitments. A frown on your face and the “pedal to the metal” feeling all day long are red flags that you are living beyond your means – mentally, physically, and emotionally. Lighten up your schedule by controlling how full your calendar is.

4. Place a check mark at the end of each week when four nights have been committed. This is the maximum number that will allow you to be on top of things at home and at work. Everyone needs “downtime” to recharge including YOU!

5. When you say “yes,” turn around and say “no.” Recognize that your time schedule is full now so when you add something new, you must say “no” to something comparable. For example, adding a new project means saying no to a current commitment.

6. Practice my “Sunday Setup” to plan the week ahead and celebrate the week past. This will become a favorite part of your routine for yourself and your family as you talk about what you are looking forward to in the week ahead. It also prevents a time crisis by planning ahead.

7. Use your multi-tasking skills to meet needs and plan pleasant times. Children think one hour ahead, teens one day ahead, and spouses plan maybe three months ahead. Accept their style and bring them along at their pace while talking about your plans and goals to model it for them.
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8. Multiply your time each day by meditating and planning each morning. Make it a habit to fill your soul each day before opening your mouth. Personal morning quiet time is a MUST for busy people to stay anchored in your life.

8. Move ahead in your life by listing three goals on your monthly calendar. See if your calendar reflects time moving toward these, your stated goals and priorities. Time Block 2 hours or 30 minutes a day on your newest project until finished.

9. Compare today with what you did the last few weeks on that day. Our lives repeat patterns and you can discover your good patterns (and bad ones) by checking back into prior weeks. Repeat or change things to make today successful.

10. List 3 things you are grateful for each day. Amazing things happen each day in our lives and unless we stop to “smell the roses” in gratitude, we will miss opportunities to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves for the next day.

Think over your To Do List and calendar each day and each week, You will improve your skill set to learn to cope. Cancelled events become minor problems when you learn flexibility. And open doors will allow you to accomplish the goal of your life. Live your life well every day!


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