Look around your home right now. Do you see piles of things to do, clutter sitting on counters and chairs, and secretly hope no one looks in your bedroom and closets?

The “Organize Your Home & Spark Joy in Your Life” Coaching Class will change all that and give you the magazine look you desire in your home! You’ll never be embarrassed again.

Two Leading Organizing experts Organizing experts – one from the East and one from the West – will teach you how to put your home in order and coach you weekly to do so! Sunny Juan trained in the Japanese Marie Kondo method of “The Magic of Tidying Up”  and Marcia Ramsland, leading expert and author of “Simplify Your Space” American style organizing, will ensure that your home becomes neat and tidy like it’s never been before! Two Coaches will get you and your home in order just the way you’d like it.

 “Organize Your Home & Spark Joy in Your Life!”
With Marcia Ramsland and Sunny Juan

Week 1 ‒ Beautifully Organize All Your Clothes & Accessories

Closet and Drawer

The first place to “Spark Joy in Your Life” is your closet and clothes, which you face every morning. Learn the Japanese Kon Mari method of folding clothes and keep only your favorite shoes, purses, jewelry, and accessories that Spark Joy! Your closet and drawers will look like a magazine and you’ll dress your best every day. In Week 1 you’ll . . .

• Learn the Kon Mari Method to Tidying Up Your Clothes

• Keep Only Your Favorite Shoes, Purses, Jewelry, and Accessories

• Learn How to Make Decisions on What to Keep or Discard

• Organize Every Drawer to Look Professional and Pretty

  “I thought I could never get my closet in order.  It was as if it owned me.  This class gave me step by step directions where to start and how to finish. I gave away 160 pounds!!! And I feel great! It is such a relief to go into my closet now and I know what I kept are my best looking outfits.  Not only that, now I can think about going shopping for the new styles without feeling guilty!” Trish, CA

Week 2 ‒ Efficiently Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets, Drawers, & Pantry

To “Spark Joy in Your Life” is to organize the most used room in your home – your kitchen. With clear counter tops and a pleasant eating table, your kitchen will be a welcome spot in your home to cook, relax, and invite guests. Learn to:

• Keep Clean Lines to Simplify Your Kitchen Organization

• Clean Out the Pantry and Refrigerator Efficiently

• Organize Your Cabinets and Have Only Things You Like and Use

• Selectively Choose What to Discard and What to Donate

    “Thank you so very much for inspiring me to clean up my kitchen. Taking photos of when things were a mess really helped me to see how I had allowed piles to grow and how I make excuses for my clutter. So many times I get distracted instead of taking care of my dishes promptly.  It truly is a gift I give myself to have an orderly environment that is peaceful and pleasing to look at.  The changes make me feel more worthwhile as a person and I’m happier.” Sandy V., CA

Week 3 ‒ Refine & Reorganize Your Garage and Storage Spaces

Let go of the burden of a disorganized garage, attic, or basement and turn it into an organized haven  of retrievale items. To “Spark Joy in Your Life” is to learn how to declutter and arrange storage space efficiently and attractively. When storage space is functional and pleasing to the eye, you will relax and feel a huge burden is lifted. You’ll learn how to:

• Decide what to Keep and What to Donate – and Do It!

• Design Attractive Storage Containers to the Best Use of Your Space

• Re-imagine the Current Storage Space You Have

• Keeping Your Best and Letting Go of the Rest!

  “When I saw Marcia offering “Organize Your Garage,” I jumped at the chance. We needed it! As a result, we succeeded in donating office furniture to a charity dear to our hearts, found 20 boxes of books thought lost, started using our workbench, and finally parked a second car in the garage. The best part was that once I got busy organizing, the family pitched in and we created order! Thank you, Marcia, for helping us reclaim our beautiful garage which now functions as we designed it to.” Ella J., Ohio

Week 4 ‒ Create Serenity in Your Bedroom & Bathroom

Kitchen Sinks

Your most personal space to “Spark Joy in Your Life” is turning your bedroom into a sanctuary and bringing spa-like elegance into your bathroom. Your bedroom should be the most restful room in your home and a personal retreat at the end of the day.

 • Create Beauty in your Bedroom with 3 Simple Tips

• Where to Start and How to Declutter your Bathroom

• Learn to Create Compartments in Your Drawers so Nothing is Out of Place

• Clean to the Corners – Tidy Your Whole Bedroom

“My bedroom clothes closet is starting to look like your pictures.  I took clothes out to wear today with absolutely no stress or mess.  And my bedroom is amazing to me.  I have a dressing area now I never knew was there. Thank you so much!” Joy Ann


More Testimonials

“I started working with Marcia to get organized. My life – both professionally and personally — was what I called “Organized Chaos! Before when I worked with an Organizer to organize my office, my surroundings changed.
But when I coached with you, Marcia, I changed. That was the big difference! Now I truly am organized and it’s so easier and better. I love it!”

Nicole Bankhead, Silpada Director and Real Estate Investor

“When I gave up my full-time job to launch my practice, I was suddenly faced with the challenges of working from a home office. It was time to rethink how I was going to manage my time, my space, and projects under “the new normal.” The truth is that I was stuck and needed help.“In one session Marcia saw exactly how to rearrange my office and create a weekly schedule for my multifaceted roles. The results were immediately tangible: more productivity, efficiency, and creativity. As an executive coach and consultant, I understand the value of investing in coaching to maximize one’s potential. Four years later, I’m still benefiting from Marcia’s guidance!”

Maria Keckler, Communications Consultant & Executive Coach www.SuperbCommunication.com

COMPLETE COACHING Course – Everything in One!

The Online Live Class and Coaching will happen weekly and is recorded. The Full Course Program includes 4 Coaching Sessions with Marcia and Sunny AND the Bonus 1-1 Session for completing the Class.

You’ll also get Coaching in our private Facebook group where you will post your pictures each week. Your home, your systems, and your life will be totally improved!

Live Class Session Dates

  June 13, June 20, June 27, July 11
5:30 PT / 6:30 MT / 7:30 CT / 8:30 ET

Early Bird Pricing
$297 Pay in Full
   or $99 (3 Payments)


Special Pricing
$397 Pay in
Full or $115 (4 Payments)


Class Materials

The Class Materials you will need to get are:
1. Simplify Your Space book by Marcia Ramsland CLICK HERE

2. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo CLICK HERE 

You will learn skills to apply immediately that will last you a lifetime! This will be the best investment you’ve made in your time, your life, and your home!

P.S. This is the BEST Early Bird Pricing I’ve ever offered since it’s usually $497. So sign up today for only $297 Pay in Full or $99 (3 Payments Total).