I’ve found that people are significantly happier and more productive when they get their papers, desk, and office organized at home and work. I’d even go so far to say up to 50% happier and 100% more productive! I should know… I’m a Leading Organizing Coach and have been organizing offices across the country for years. No paperwork is impossible to organize!

I’ve created this course so you will learn the skills to organize your paperwork AND see me coach real people through their paperwork – and see their improvements the following week. You will learn where to start, how to properly setup your desk and files, what to do with an impossible “piles” and boxes, and graduate being able to organize any papers. Are you game? Register and let’s get started!


Week 1 ‒ Get Started Right!

Learn the “Right” Way to Setup Organizing Papers and Save Yourself Time and…

  • Find Your Motivation to Organize Your Workspace and Papers

  • The How To’s of Organizing Paperwork

  • Finding the Right Time & Desk Setup

  • Your 1st Project ‒ Organize Your Desk & Supplies


 Week 2‒ Dive Into Piles, File Drawers, and Boxes!

Learn How to Successfully Conquer Piles, File Drawers, and Boxes and …

  • One Secret to Deal with Every Pile that Cuts Your Time in Half

  • How to Dive into File Drawers and Finish

  • What to Do with Receipts, Utility Bills, Credit Card Statements

  • How to Tackle a Daunting Backlog Successfully!


Week 3 ‒ Organizing Your Back Log and Files

Learn the Value (and Relief) of Letting Go of Major Paper Collections and …

  •  Getting Started with Magazines, Binders, and Books
  • How to Let Go and Pass “Good Collections” To Others

  • Setting Appropriate Limits on What You Keep

  • Your 3rd Project ‒ Work on the Collection that Would Save You Space

coffee and book

Week 4 ‒ 1-1 Coaching Call with Marcia Herself

Best Space Planning for your Office Layout

  • Setup Systems to for Project Planning

  •  Streamline Paper Flow into Task Management

  • Organizing ALL Your Papers will organize your life so you never lose receipts, miss a deadline, and are easily ready for taxes! With 3 weeks of Class Training and recommended 1-on-1 Coaching, you’ll learn how to organize your papers, magazines, books, boxes, and anything you can think of with paper. You’ll never have a pile again that you can’t conquer.


Coaching Testimonials

“This course has helped spark and encourage me to take that one last step to be neat and orderly in many areas and stay on top of things. Also, just to do it and get it done. Finding a space in a cabinet in my new, tiny kitchen to set up a Personal Organizing Center (POC) with file folders and calendar, close to the phone helped get rid of piles of paper especially the in between “do later” things.” -Barb Giuliano

“I organized my desk. It helps me balance my life! I have a plan and I know I will complete it.”

“My best experience of the course was the new habit of mail and counter clearing of paper. I maintained the discipline and my husband complimented me.”

“The best part of this class for me was to find out I was not alone!” Dorinda

“The best part of this class for me was Marcia’s motivation and having homework.”

“Thank you for your books. I skimmed them once and took a few suggestions, but I’m digging deeper and finding gold!” – Valerie Midkiff, Oregon

“My life changed for the better when I implemented mail and paper handling!”


A strategic plan and accountability are essential to getting your paperwork organized and under control. Often training and specific application to your situation with photos and coaching is just what is needed to make the right changes. The problem may not be you, it’s the system (or lack of one) that is causing all the problems.

We highly recommend Coaching with Marcia Ramsland and her famous ACTION PLANS customized to your exact situation to work on each week. The Biggest and Best Results are the Course with the Coaching Sessions.

Webinars, 4 Coaching Sessions, Email Accountability direct with Marcia … AND an ORGANIZED Paperwork!

We have two pricing options for Coaching to take you from Start to Finish smoothly!

Organize All My Papers


$297 Pay in Full

 1- Coaching $597

 4 Payments of $155

Class books
Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, Bestselling Author, Organizing Coach and Speaker

Class Materials:

You will need these books:

1. Organize Your Workspace  CLICK HERE

2. Simplify Your Space  CLICK HERE

Register TODAY for immediate relief and long term benefit of organizing ALL your papers and workspace!

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Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, Bestselling Author, Organizing Coach and Speaker