Download the “Speed Clean Your Paperwork” Checklist!

Paperwork Checklist by Marcia Ramsland

Do you have paper piles that won’t go away?

Paperwork you need to get caught up on?

Speed Clean your way through with our Checklist!

“I love a clean desk, but I dread having to do paperwork!

Take the stress out of your paperwork with our
“Speed Clean Your Paperwork” Checklist.

Paper isn’t the problem for getting it done . . . It’s all the postponed pileups that make your desk a maze to get through.

Do you…

* Have paperwork to sort through and no time to do it?

* Keep adding to the paperwork on your desk with good intentions to “get to it soon?”

* Have a reading pile that’s over a month old?

* Wonder why it’s so hard to get to paperwork when it won’t really take much time to do?

I’ve created a Checklist that you can download and streamline your setup with easy steps to overcome paperwork issues.

You’ll feel in charge and move forward on your clean desk every day from now on.



Courtesy of Marcia Ramsland, Your Organizing Pro & Coach