What if you could spend just
10-Minutes a Day with a quick 3 Step System
to get more done with less stress?

It’s frustrating to come to the end of the day with your To Do List only half done and more things added since you first wrote it. That’s a sure recipe for stress that you don’t need!

“The 10-Minute Morning Power Bump” System will give you a Better Day Every Day!

The “10 Minute Power Bump” Workshop will show you how to accomplish your To Do List for the day, what to do when you are short on time, and how to side step those interruptions that threaten to derail you!

Life with the 10 minute power bump will give you time for friends, fun, and new directions. You’ll feel happier, calmer, and in control when you learn how to proactively live each day.

The “10-Minute Power Bump” System is perfect for you if . . .

  • You often feel rushed and late to appointments even though you really intended to be there early

  • Interruptions regularly derail you and other people’s needs always seem to come first

  • You feel stretched in too many directions and your patience is starting to run thin
  • Stress is a regular part of your life and you know you need a vacation – soon!

With the 10-Minute Power Bump you’ll know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to have a successful day EVERYDAY!

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What will I get in the
“10-Minute Power Bump” Workshop?

You’ll learn that it is really possible to  . . .

  • Practice the 3 Step Power Bump and complete your To Do List

  • Sequence your day in a way that works perfectly for you!
  • Kick start your momentum when you don’t feel like it!
  • Assign tasks at your high and low energy times so you get things done
  • Learn to flex with interruptions and calmly adjust getting back on track

  • Discover a new way in 3 steps that will actually make you more successful

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“10-Minute Power Bump” Participants say …

“The Power Bump has dramatically changed my life! I have developed daily routines that have become conscious habits. Now I include not only tasks but also “Me Time.” I am amazed at the level of efficiency I am achieving.”  –Jackie P. Administrator

“I love the “10-Minute Power Bump” because it gives a structure to my day that helps me accomplish more. Now I am using my time better and my To Do List is shrinking because more things are getting finished.” — Laura S. Teacher

“Making time in my daily plan for my family, friends, and enjoyment will reduce my stress and give me joy. Having time for home and organizing projects will give me peace of mind, too.” — Kerstin U. Busy Mom

Workshop Coaching

“The 10-Minute Morning Power Bump” Workshop will give you a Better Day Every Day!

Tuesday Wednesday, February 13  & 14
Choose the time that works best for you when you register!

Wednesday, Daytime, February 14: 11:00 PT / Noon MT / 1:00 CT / 2:00 ET
Tuesday Evening, February 13: 5:00 PT / 6:00 MT / 7:00 CT / 8:00 ET

* In the Bonus “Workshop Coaching” you can post pictures of your progress, learn how others do it, and get Coached by Marcia! The Accountability on the second week is a special feature of this Workshop.

$3700 (Reg $97)
  • Live Teaching, Planning, and Coaching Right in the Workshop!
  • Smart and Practical ways to Rearrange Your Schedule to Get Your TO DO List Done!
  • Training of the Best Way to Use a Planner to Maximize It’s Features
  • Ways to Find a Space and a Place to Do Your “10 Minute Power Bump”
  • Taught by Best Selling Author of “Simplify Your Time: Stop Running and Start Living” Marcia Ramsland

You’re only one click away from gaining control of your time, living the life you want, and having better days – every day! Register Now for a bargain price of two sessions for only $37!