“The 30 Day Productivity Boost” is a laser focused program for the man or woman desiring to maximize their Time, Workspace, and Digital World to build a solid foundation for personal and professional growth. You will  achieve better workflow and productivity through Marcia’s strategic Coaching,  training, weekly accountability, and community support.

By streamlining your workspace, time management skills, financials, and project implementation you will soar quickly! Weekly Group Coaching, online training, and personal 1-on-1 weekly email accountability will upgrade your life and skills immediately.

You will walk away empowered to achieve more once you go through this unique program. You will never go back to chaos or overwhelm once you have these tools. You WILL boost your productivity and increase your profits from now on!


The 30 Day Productivity Boost ” Program

Each week includes 1 hour live webinar training, live Group Coaching with Marcia Ramsland and a Q & A session to answer all questions.  Marcia is focused, insightful, and gifted at providing solutions that you can implement immediately to boost your productivity and increase your financials.

Week 2 – Skyrocket Your Time Management Skills

      • Time Management Analysis

      • 168 Hour Time Tracker

      • Time Tool Upgrades

      • Productivity Evaluation

        Click Below to Watch:


1) Read the Better Homes & Garden Article Marcia did a “Time Makeover” for that brought in 1,500 downloads! Better Homes and Gardens Article

2) Your 1st Week Assignment after watching the Video below is to fill in the “Time Tracker” for 1 week. DOWNLOAD a Blank Time Tracker HERE

3) Download the 5 Year Calendar HERE

In this Week’s Coaching Class you will learn the necessary Time Management systems that are “Musts” for being productive and efficient. In your Personal and Private Coaching Call with Marcia you will get personal attention to how to get the best out of time systems you are using and how to improve your use of time, including her famous 168 Hour Time Tracker. You will KNOW and be able to focus on the important in a brand new way.