The Procrastination Cure Workshop

What if you could get
on your To Do List?
Good News! Only one thing is holding you back –>

Procrastination is the one hurdle we have to break through to get things done and off our list for good! 

“Unless you are intentional about learning when you procrastinate and how to overcome it, you’ll keep writing things over and over on your To Do List.

So what is Procrastination?

Procrastination is the moment in a day when you are stuck on something you need or want to do. That is the moment of Decision Time.  Stop and think about the result you want. It’s the fork in the road and you get to decide which way to go.

Procrastination Cure Workshop

You can tell if you are Procrastinating . . .

  • You keep rewriting the same To Do list item day after day

  • You know you should do it now, but let something “more important” distract you

  • So you plan to “Do it Later, ” but “later” never seems to get around to it.

  • You reassure yourself that you work best under time pressure and wait til the last minute

  • You have the time to do something, but choose to do something else instead

    If your procrastination goes on for too long, it creates more anxiety and bigger problems down the road. Let’s change that with new a new arsenal of tips and tricks. 

Remember–>Procrastination is not a character flaw or permanent! It’s simply an old habit that can be overcome with the right decision at the right time.

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What’s Covered in the
“Procrastination Cure Workshop?”

In the “Procrastination Cure” Workshop you’ll learn…

  • The 7 Cures to Overcome Any Procrastination

  • 5 Tricks to Get into Motion when you are Stuck

  • When it’s Okay to Procrastinate . . . and When It’s Not

  • The Quick Action will Actually Make You Happier!

  • How to Sequence Your Changes so You Won’t Quit

  • How to Get Motivated and Start Your Momentum this Week!

The “Procrastination Cure” Workshop
is your key to identifying Procrastination areas and strategies to overcome those areas today!

The Procrastination Cure will give you . . .

  • Momentum on completing “Loose Ends” will give you confidence that you can do anything!

  • Overcoming procrastination rises you above “every day” living because things are getting done

  • People in motion get things done and are happier and more fun to be with

  • Momentum gives you more control and time to do the things you want to do

  • This is the perfect time to overcome what’s holding you back for good

Participant Testimonials

“I’m so glad I was in this workshop because now I feel energized! Writing down my list of 5 tasks I procrastinate about doing helped me to break them down into smaller chunks. I have tools to work with. I feel like I am capable of achieving my 5 tasks. I can now get in motion!” –Bette

“Getting back on track by making a couple of changes and knowing that being overwhelmed isn’t grace-filled. I need to keep my eyes on creating a life with less chaos and you have road maps to follow!” — Leslie

“In the Workshop reframing my mindset from “problems” to “challenges” and the importance of focusing on the benefits, was timely. Scheduling meals and prioritizing sleep will curtail the guilt and self-condemnation of a being a perfectionist. The workshop was a much needed shot in the arm!” — Julia

$3700 (Reg $97)
  • Workshop with Assessment will identify which of six areas you Procrastinate
  • 7 Practical Procrastination Techniques to Overcome those Tendencies
  • Worksheet Quiz to Identify and Overcome Key Procrastination Areas
  • BONUS!!! 1 Week Later Followup Call with Your Organizing Coach, Marcia Ramsland!

We’ll fuel your momentum in the “Procrastination Cure Workshop!”
Get inspired by joining this Workshop and get motivated to overcome Procrastination!
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