This is the spring sale week of the BIG 6 Organizing Classes at their lowest prices! To live smarter, you must learn something new regularly. Let me tell you my story of how I learned that’s important.

I remember the very first organizing book I read and the profound impact it had on my life. It was Anne Ortlund’s “Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman” and she talked about cleaning out your purse everyday and managing your life. Now I never really had a messy purse, but It awakened something inside me – the thought that I could improve my life if I made strategic daily changes.

After reading it I began to notice the way I lived. It wasn’t very good. I had laundry piles, paper piles, dishes to do, and no end of work in sight. But Anne had given me HOPE and INSIGHTS that began my own quest to improve my life. Not only did I completely organize my life, for almost 3 decades I’ve been speak ing, writing, and coaching people to do the same with theirs. I’m excited because a whole new, more fulfilling life is ahead with just one new piece of knowledge.

Live Smarter: Learn Something New!

The “BIG 6 Organizing Class” SALE (20% Off!)
* All six classes 50% off or 20% offer class!
Class #1: Organize Your Closet Today!

Learn how to organize your closet with clothes and outfits you actually wear, dress well and stretch your closet with what you have. You’ll feel like a new person after our step-by-step closet makeover class.

Class #2: Organize Print Photos & Enjoy the Memories

Professional Photo Organizer Melinda Hollis, walks you through 10 Important Steps to get your photos organized and start enjoying the memories. God boxes of photos? This is the class you’ve been looking for to change that!

Class #3: Clean Out the Garage in a Weekend

Learn to sort, de-clutter, sweep out, donate, and find clear space without making a bigger mess. Learn how to maximize each wall space and the proper categories to include such as “His Wall” and “Her Wall.”

Class #4: Dress Fast and Look Fabulous
Fashion Expert Jill Swanson will teach you how to dress your best every day with a strategy that will not only having you feeling comfortable and confident, but save you time and money. Go from frumpy to fabulous in minutes!

Class #5: Organize Your Children and Family
Learn to organize kids’ papers, get them to clean their room, take the rush out of school mornings, the perfect Memory Book for the “uncrafty” Mom, and more! Includes 20 page downloadable booklet “Ages and Stages of Getting Children Organized.”

Class #6: Reach Your Goals
Discover how to set and reach your goals to move ahead in life! Learn the 7 Steps to Make Any Change and how you can maximize what you do on the weekends to move forward easily.

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