100 Days of Summer

What if you could

have the BEST SUMMER in years
with ONLY 90 Minutes of Planning? 

From Memorial Day to Labor Day there are 100 Days of Summer!
Will your summer be the “same old, same old” as the rest of the year, or a highlighted season of treasured memories?

Hi, I’m Marcia Ramsland and I love summer because. . .

I was fortunate enough to grow up on a resort town in the Midwest, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

We lived right on the waterfront and from Memorial Day to Labor Day the “Lady of the Lake” excursion boat circled the 26 mile lake and delivered the mail to mailboxes on piers with a mailbox. And ours was the first mail boat!

Now as an adult and living far from that home area, you and I can still bring that childhood vacation feeling to this coming summer. . . .
* More outings
* Fun things to do
* Time to be with people we like and wish we had more time together during the year
* Starting and finishing projects by learning summer Project Planning

Wow, 100 Days is 14 weeks that will fly by . . . unless you make a plan for intentional fun, friends, finishing projects, and fantastic food.

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What’s Covered in the
“100 Days of Summer” Planning Workshop?

  • I’ll teach you all about how to preplan a great summer, that doesn’t depend on expensive trips or outings.

  • We’ll preplan something “Special of the Week” for the 14 Weeks

  • You’ll learn plenty of opportunities around you and find the motivation to do them

  • Our exclusive Summer Planning Calendar will ensure that you have a great time with people you like to be with!

  • You’ll learn Project Planning strategies to get accomplish projects that will be your pride and joy the rest of the year!

Can you remember what you did last summer? Probably not. But you will for this summer after we capitalize on it by preplanning together what you’d like to see happen. Join the Workshop and let’s make your summer memorable!

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The “100 Days of Summer” Planning Workshop
is available now!

Get Ready to Make this a Memorable Summer with NEW Planning Strategies!

A Fun, Group Workshop,
Summer Planning Calendar, Happiness Journal, and Weekly Personal Perks along with great ideas posted all summer in our VIP Private Facebook Group!


$3700 (Reg $97)
  • Actual Summer Teaching, Planning, and Coaching Right in the Workshop!
  • “Summer Wins” posting in Private VIP Facebook Group all Summer to Keep You Inspired
  • Training and Summer Calendar to Jumpstart Your Summer Planning
  • Live Mid and End of Summer Follow-up with the Group!

We’ll fuel your excitement in the “100 Days of Summer” Planning Workshop. Get inspired from other participants when we continue posting our “Summer Wins” in our private Facebook group to share and get motivated by the group. Let’s do this together!

Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, Bestselling Author, Organizing Coach and Speaker

Hi, I’m Marcia Ramsland, Your Summer Planning Coach to guide you through the best summer ever.

I used to think summer should be more special – like the carefree days we had in childhood.

Don’t plan, just let it happen.

BUT . . . I learned to be carefree, you have to do some planning, and PLANNING BRINGS FREE TIME!

Don’t think good times just happen automatically. You have to set yourself up to be with the people, in the places, and with the intention to show up where those “Good Times” are.

So . . .  register for the “Summer Planning” Workshop!

I look forward to having you in the “100 Day of Summer” Planning Workshop! It’s going to be good!

Marcia Ramsland, Your Organizing Pro & Coach

“Once you learn the secret to planning good times, you’ll be hooked forever!”