Trip Packing List by Marcia Ramsland

“I love vacation, but I dread packing!

Take the stress out of your packing with our
“Trip Packing Made Easy” Checklist

Packing isn’t the problem getting ready for a trip . . . It’s all the decisions of what to put in the suitcase & take with you that pile on the stress the night before. Do you…

* Pack too much?

* Stay up late deciding what to pack?

* End up taking things you never wear on the trip?

* Wonder why it’s so hard to make decisions when packing?

I’ve created a “Trip Packing Checklist” that you can download and follow these easy steps to overcome all those issues.

You’ll get a good night’s sleep before every trip from now on!


Courtesy of Marcia Ramsland, Your Organizing Pro & Coach