Do you have routines and habits that keep you calm, get your To Do List finished, and include personal time to relax each day?

If not, it’s time to “Work Smarter”
so you can truly THRIVE!

I recently got an email from Teri, a busy Client, who wrote a request you might be thinking, too:

“I have made some changes in my schedule for the new school year. I have some new professional goals. I want to set up some written routines. I have had a very busy summer and I want routines and systems.”

“I cannot remember things as well as I used to. I want to find joy with my current planner and use it well. I want to find things that work for me and my way of thinking and operating.”

As a result of Teri’s email I created a specific 3 session Coaching program for her and for you to accomplish those goals of a new season routine that you love waking up to!

You see I have taught parts of “Thrive with Your Time” as a seven week course to over 90 women when the pandemic started to make better use of their time in changing times.
Now I’ve tailor made it for an individual like you in just three sessions to be up and running successfully for any changes you face in your life. Life is changing and we need to flex and adapt quickly.

“Remember, time is on your side.
But it works against you if you don’t have the proper time planning tools nor take the time to proactively plan your day every day.”
– Marcia Ramsland, Your Organizing Life Coach

What’s included in my  “Work Smarter & Thrive” Time Tuneup to help me?

  • A Pre-Assessment Questionnaire to find out what’s working and what’s not working for you
  • 3 Coaching Sessions (45 minutes each) to set up a weekly schedule that works for YOU!
  • An Evaluation of your Time Management Tools to include the things you want to do and never get around to
  • Training for personal habits and time routines to include what makes you thrive and enjoy your life!
  • A Followup BONUS Call to ensure you stay on track.

    You’ll learn to “Work Smarter, not Harder” and know exactly when to do the most important things.
Thrive Testimonial 1

“Work Smarter & Thrive” will support you to productively manage your time, work, and habits that will enhance your life from now and beyond.

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In “Work Smarter & Thrive” 1-1 Coaching I’ll teach you skills that are eluding so many people including . . .

  • Time adjustments when you feel pulled in so many directions
  • What to do when you’re interrupted (and how to stop that)
  • How to choose and use the right Planner for you, not just the best one in the store
  • How to organize your day for your best work with the least amount of effort
  • The steps to be Proactive instead of Reactive to get the most important things DONE!
Leigh-Anne Testimonial
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PLUS beyond the Weekly Coaching personally with me . . .

  • Marcia’s Team will connect with you on a  Startup Call so you so you know “How to Get the Most Out of Your Coaching Sessions”
  • You’ll be able to post your current time tools, project plans, and To Do List to get specific Coaching in your private Facebook Album
  • Included are training videos and time tool suggestions to immediately get better control of your Time & Task List

You’ll learn how to manage time like you never have before! You’ll manage your time successfully after the customized Coaching for you and your situation with Marcia’s unique gifts of Strategy and Focus to help you become a successful Proactive Planner from now on!

With personalized Coaching, weekly Accountability, and Training you can apply right away, you’ll find freedom and free time you never thought you could enjoy!


With my natural Coaching gifts of Strategy and Focus I’ll guide you to develop the Best Routine for your life with the least amount of effort.  You’ll look at your time and life differently and you’ll know how to take successful steps to make it even better.

You’ll finish with the satisfaction that you know exactly where your time is going and how to easily change it any time in the future!

Marcia Ramsland, Your Organizing Life Coach

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Getting your time organized is the quickest way to reduce your stress and move into calm control of your life.