Write Your Book Like a Pro

Have you ever thought of writing a book but wonder how to do it?

Learn the entire process “From First Word to the First Sale” with this Online Training.
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Successfully published author of over 100,000 copies sold, Marcia Ramsland, will teach you the same material she has taught in Writing Conferences across the country the step-by-step directions to:

* Choose a Catchy Title and Subtitle

* How to Create a Killer Book Outline and Chapter Titles

* Set Up Your Writing Space so It Inspires You

* Organize Your Computer Writing Files

* Pace Yourself to Write Regularly

* One Sure-Fire Method to Keep Yourself on Track

* The Best Group to Join and Share Your Writing Progress

* How to Market Your Book So It Sells!

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“BRILLIANT! Yes, Marcia Ramsland lives up to her reputation again – this time in step-by-step organizing stages to finishing your book! Marcia’s practical guidelines not only help you plan and organize but also gives successful tips for marketing your book. I am forever grateful for her gentle, but firm, encouragement and challenge to getting my book ready for the publisher. Marcia Ramsland? Contact her today. I HIGHLY recommend working alongside her to bring your book to completion.”

– Karen Hartung


“I thank Marcia Ramsland for the guidance in commencing and completing my book the noblest Motive. Without her kind and patient direction, I could not have achieved this important goal.”

Thank you, Marcia.

Larry Stirling

Save yourself time and wasted effort by learning the system to “Write Your Book Like a Pro!”

This is perfect to save you time and effort by starting out right!

BONUS! Includes a 1-to-1 Coaching Session with Marcia Ramsland on your book idea! (45 minute session)