FREE 2014 Holiday Club Class

HOLIDAY CLUB CLASS #1-“Kick Off Your 2014 Holiday Season Smoothly!” Our free Holiday Club Class call includes inspiration, practical tips, and ideas for managing time and living stress-free for November and December. Learn what is unique this year about the spacing of the holidays.
* Tuesday,November 4 with Marcia Ramsland, Leah Gowin, and YOU! 5:00 pm PT//7:00 pm CT//8:00 pm ET



2014 Holiday Charts

Download the Fr*ee 2014 Holiday Charts to keep you on track!These 3 charts stair-step perfectly in the front pocket of Marcia Ramsland’s book, Simplify Your Holiday Season.

1) 2014 Holiday Season Calendar
2) Your Personal Holiday Plan Directions
3) The Master Gift List

Download These 3 Charts HERE



by Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro and Holiday Coach

Simplify Your Holiday Season will turn the usual seasonal stress into holiday success! With these practical tips and new celebration ideas, you’ll discover how to cover all your bases with ease from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Year’s. Special features in this “must have” NEW Holiday book that readers love include:

* A “Planning Pocket”in the front of the book with FREE annual downloads
* Special Timelines that point the way to a smooth holiday season
* Easy to Read Tips with lots of visuals and charts
* Gift-Giving Tips and a Master List that saves you shopping time and money
* 10 Holiday Tips from Experts in Gift Giving, Decorating, Food and more!

You’ll be organized and ready before you know it!Recommended for Holiday Club Classes.

Look Inside Pages: Simplify Your Holiday Season

Sale Price: $15.00



by Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro and Holiday Coach

To prepare your heart and home for Christmas, it takes more than giving presents and decorating! Get ready to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas while preparing this year by reading a verse and inspirational thought from the Christmas Story December 1-25, learning a Holiday Tip a Day, and jotting down personal reminders on the Page a Day Planning Chart. (Reg. $6.95)

Stay ahead of holiday stress with this purse size devotional. You’ll be calm and ready if you read this everyday – GUARANTEED!

Look Inside Pages: Simply December Devotions



DVD: Simplify Your Holidays

with Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro and Holiday Coach

The holidays are as much a matter of organization as they are a matter of the heart. The two work together. Organization during the holidays IS an expression of the heart. This Holiday keynote taped live will let you see Marcia teaching her principles live with PowerPoint charts and the inspirational ending with the Nativity figures: “Christmas is All About a Changed Heart.” Perfect for the visual person or a group who want to prepare their hearts and homes for the holidays.



“BEST PRICE: A Set of BOTH Holiday Books!”

The Simplify Your Holiday Season book with Planning Pocket and the companion book, Simply December Devotions, will turn your annual seasonal stress into Holiday Success! This will be a set of books you annually pull off your shelf. Perfect for the November & December Holiday Club Classes.

You can go through the book discussion questions with a group of friends or family or join the November-December classes at Everyone will be excited about the brand new ideas to make this your best holiday season ever! (Save $6)