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I’m wondering … are you going to go through the Holidays calm and relaxed this year or uptight and stressed? Since I ended my own frustrating Christmas Eve wrapping marathons years ago, I’m passionate about taking the stress out of the holiday season for every busy woman and family. All my audiences and Online Community who follow the Calendar Plan and shortcuts know this works. And they love it!

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2014 Holiday Charts (The Free Holiday Plan)

These three Holiday Charts provide a step-by-step plan for a smooth holiday season and stair-step perfectly in the front pocket of Marcia Ramsland’s book, Simplify Your Holiday Season, which you MUST Have for yearly reference! Print the Fr*ee 2014 Holiday Charts now to keep you on track!

1) 2014 Holiday Season Calendar

2) Your Personal Holiday Plan

3) The Master Gift List

“I just downloaded the Holiday charts. Thanks for sharing!” Serena L.

“These charts look wonderful.” Julie K.

“Thank you for your help in organizing our time! Much Needed!” Lisa T.


While you download the Charts, listen to the November Holiday Club Class #1 on how best to use the 3 Charts.
LISTEN HERE for November “Holiday Club Class #1

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I’m feeling the generous spirit of the Holiday season and want to make sure you get this powerful book and booklet this year. And give a second set to your best friend. Start by keeping your notes this year and every year will get easier.

Simplify Your Holiday Season will turn the usual seasonal stress into holiday success! With these practical tips and new celebration ideas, you’ll discover how to cover all your bases with ease from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Year’s.

Special features that Readers love include:
* A “Planning Pocket” in the front of the book with FREE annual downloads
* Special Timelines that point the way to a smooth holiday season
* Easy to Read Tips with lots of visuals and charts
* Gift-Giving Tips and a Master List that saves you shopping time and money
* 10 Holiday Tips from Experts in Gift Giving, Decorating, Food and more!

Perfect for living stress-free in November and December getting ready for the holidays with a Plan in place, new tips, and 50 gift ideas. Here are some results from readers:

“Your system transformed my December many years ago, and I still adhere to it for a simple, peaceful season.” Molly Loneman, Nebraska “Thank you for putting joy and calmness back into Thanksgiving and Christmas planning.” Roxie R., California

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Simply December Devotions will prepare your heart and home for Christmas. Get ready to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas while preparing this year by reading a verse from the Christmas Story December 1-25, an inspiring application you’re your day, learning a Holiday Tip a Day, and jot down personal reminders on the “Page a Day” Chart.

Stay ahead of holiday stress with this purse size devotional. You’ll be calm and ready when you read this everyday by yourself or with your family!

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Simplify Your Holiday Season will turn the usual seasonal stress into holiday success!
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by Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro and Holiday Coach

Simply December Devotions will prepare your heart and home for Christmas, which takes more than giving presents and decorating in the month of December!
Stay ahead of holiday stress with this purse size devotional. You’ll be calm and ready when you read this everyday by yourself or with your family!

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DVD: Simplify Your Holidays

with Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro and Holiday Coach

The holidays are as much a matter of organization as they are a matter of the heart. The two work together. Organization during the holidays IS an expression of the heart.

This Holiday keynote taped live will let you see Marcia teaching her principles live with PowerPoint charts and the inspirational ending with the Nativity figures: “Christmas is All About a Changed Heart.” Perfect for the visual person or a group who want to prepare their hearts and homes for the holidays.

“I will start decorating earlier so we can enjoy them more.” Jane G.from Illinois

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Wednesday, November 19 – “MIDDAY CONNECTION Radio Interview

Mark your calendar to listen online or on radio with guest Marcia Ramsland and Host Melinda Schmidt for how we can stay sane and organized during the busiest time of the year. Marcia Ramsland join us to give us some tips and practical advice to save time and money while celebrating fully the meaning of the season.

LISTEN on RADIO or Online Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 10 am PT / Noon CT at

Your Holidays Can Be Better with our Holiday Book Set!

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“I am going to organize my cookie list.” Jeanne L.

Join hundreds of women in our Community who pull their Holiday books off the shelf every year and retrieve their Gift Lists, Holiday Plans and Notes from prior years to make this year easier. You’ll be peace filled and more ready than ever now and for every holiday season hereafter!

Marcia Ramsland, Your Holiday Coach

“If you do anything more than once in life, organize and simplify it! That’s especially true for the holidays that come every year like clockwork.”

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