Declutter & Let It Go Workshop

Having trouble “Letting Go?”
 Let’s do it together with a motivational

workshop that will help you make decisions & clear things out!

Why is it so hard to “Let Go?” 3 Reasons: 1) Emotional attachment to things of the past (2) Fear of starting and getting stuck (3) Finding a place to let items go to a “good home.”

“Without an intentional plan and motivation for decluttering and sending excess out of your home, you’ll be spending way too much time trying to make everything fit. BUT we will change that in our “Declutter & Let It Go” Workshop!

Declutter and Let It Go

What’s Covered in the
“Declutter & Let It Go” Workshop?

In this Workshop you will …

  • Discover why regular decluttering and letting go enhances your life

  • 3 Important Questions to Decide what to Keep and What to Let Go

  • How to motivate yourself (and family) to let things go

  • What Plans will Actually Make You Happier!

  • How to Sequence Your Projects so You Won’t Quit

  • The 5 Important Stages when tackling any area

“In the average home, getting rid of clutter would eliminate approximately 40% of housework!”” –Soap and Detergent Association Study

The “Declutter & Let It Go” Workshop
is your key to setting up intentional strategies & plans to lighten the load of “Stuff!”

Hi, I’m Marcia Ramsland and I love decluttering and letting go because. . .

  • Letting go raises you above “every day” living
  • People who declutter are happier and more fun to be with
  • Decluttering and letting go lifts the burden of “too much stuff” to take care of

When do you plan to let things go? Now is better than later, for sure!


To inspire and reward your efforts we’re including
a  “Declutter Contest” with 3 Categories —>

declutter contest

Join “Declutter” Workshop & submit your “Before & After “Photos. You’ll have two weeks and two weekends to accomplish your category. It will be a “Win-Win” that you get your project done! And you can use helpers to get it done.

When can I take the “Declutter” Workshop?
Simply sign up below and watch BOTH Spring and Fall Declutter Workshops covering:
Paper & Office, Room, Clothes Closet, Office, and Garage Decluttering. It’s Fun!And you’ll get things done the Right Way!

$9700 (Reg $147)
  • Workshop Training, Planning, and Coaching Right in the Workshop!
  • Step-by-Step Planning to Map Out Your Home “Decluttering Plan”
  • A Room by Room Worksheet to Prioritize What to Sort, Organize, and Donate
  • Training & Coaching by Marcia Ramsland, Your Organizing Pro
  • Tips from the WInners of the Prior Decluttering Workshop!
  • TWO Live Workshop Sessions, TWO Weeks to Complete Your Decluttering, THREE Categories!

We’ll fuel your excitement to make changes in the “Declutter & Let It Go” Workshop!” Join the Workshop and get it done!