Are you approaching this Holiday Season calm and relaxed?
Or are you already feeling behind and starting to stress?

Every year over 1,200 Women trade chaos for calm by downloading my Annual FREE Holiday Calendar and Master Gift list to put in their Simplify Your Holiday Season planning book.  EVERYTHING is there in the book – gift ideas, new decorating ideas, storage tips, menu and entertaining ideas, plus celebration suggestions.

Why did I write this wildly popular Holiday planning book and annually run my live “Holiday Organizing” Class?

Because I know what holiday stress is! But I overcame it and have taught hundreds of women my secrets. Now you have the opportunity to learn them, too! The resources below will help you sail calmly through the holidays and enjoy the holidays yourself and they are all available right here.

Free Holiday Calendar & Master Gift List

The Free Holiday Charts fit perfectly in the front pocket of Marcia Ramsland’s book, Simplify Your Holiday Season, and will keep you on track for a smooth and calm holiday season.

You’ll never be searching for your calendar or Gift List from both this year and last year again!

1) Free Holiday Season Calendar
2) Your Personal Holiday Plan
3) The Master Gift List

Download Your Free Holiday Calendar & Master Gift List!

Last year over 1,200 women downloaded my FREE Holiday Calendar and Gift List and put them in their Simplify Your Holiday Season books. Do you have your book set? Follow my Holiday Plan and you will have a stress-free and well organized holiday every year. I promise.

Holidays Book Set

BEST PRICE: The Holiday Book Set!

Join hundreds of women who pull their Simplify Your Holiday Season books off the shelf every year and hit the ground running with the Gift Lists, Holiday Calendars, and Notes from prior years ready to make this year easier. Now you can get BOTH Holiday books as a set so you can refer to them every holiday season! You can start saving your completed Gift List, notes, menus, and decoration ideas in the book charts and the handy document pocket so you can start each year prepared and the December Devotional will prepare both your heart and home are ready!
$18.00 (Reg. ($23.95)

Simplify Your Holiday Season

Simplify Your Holiday Season will turn the seasonal stress into holiday success! With an easy to follow system and new celebration ideas, you’ll discover how to easily cover all your bases from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Special features that make this your “Go To” planning book every year include:

*  A “Planning Pocket” in the Front of the Book for Marcia’s FREE Annual Charts
*  Lots of Visuals, Timelines, & Charts that Point the Way to a Smooth Holiday Season
*  50 Gift-Giving Ideas and a Master List that Saves You Shopping Time and Money
*  140 Practical Holiday Tips from Experts in Gift Giving, Decorating, Food and More!

$15.00 (Reg. $16.95)

Devotional Booklet: Simply December Devotions

Simply December Devotions will prepare your heart and home for Christmas with a daily inspirational reading and planning chart.  Preparing for Christmas Day is more than just getting presents and decorating. It’s about preparing your heart as well.

Prepare your heart with this purse size devotional by reading a verse from the Christmas Story in sequence, an inspiring application for your day, a Holiday Tip a Day, and a place for personal reminders. Good for family dinner time reading, too!

$5.95 (Reg. $6.95)

7 Holiday Tips

“7 Holiday Planning Tips 2019”
Free Webinar

        In this free Webinar I lay out 2019 Holiday planning tips to include all the unique scheduling for 2019  for all your holiday events and good intentions! Christmas WILL come early this year and I show you what to do about it!
      Knowing when to start and what to do each week takes the stress out of the busiest season of the year. I’ll show you how to thrive, not just survive the holiday this year! 

7 Holiday Tips

Simply December 1-25 Email Devotionals

To prepare your heart and home for Christmas, it takes more than wrapping presents and decorating. Focus on the real meaning of Christmas with our December 1-25 email devotionals covering the nativity story with an inspiring parallel thought and tip for each day.

7 Holiday Tips

50 Money-Saving Holiday Gift Ideas

Gift giving can be one of the biggest stresses of the holidays, but not anymore!

Once you have a gift list full of ideas and gift-wrapping center set up, holiday shopping can begin to take shape.  This Free Download includes:

1) The Old & New Way to get Wish Lists from Family & Friends
2) The 50 Money-Saving Holiday Gift Ideas
3) A Dozen Theme Ideas plus 30 more Gift Ideas
4) A Master Gift List to Checkoff when all Your Gifts Wrapped and Ready!

You’ll never be wondering what the “Perfect Gift” to get anyone is with these 50 Money-Saving Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Class Register

The Monday Night “Simplify Your Holidays” Class

The LIVE online “The Simplify Your Holidays” Class will get you organized and ready for all the upcoming celebrations. This Group Coaching Class meets online every Monday in November and December for teaching, sharing, accountability, and easy ideas to stay on track.

Together with the “Simplify Your Holiday Season” planning book and Marcia’s personal Coaching this class will help you celebrate the holidays with the peace and joy you have always longed for.

The Holiday Class includes Holiday Coaching Classes, a Private VIP Facebook Group, and a Personal 1-1 Follow-up Call with Marcia in January. The classes will keep you on track and prepared early.

The Monday Online Classes begin in November (though you can join any time).  They are live at 5:00 p.m PT/6:00 MT/7:00 CT/8:00 ET. 

*REGISTER HERE for this year’s Holiday Class*   $97.00
Or for LIFETIME Holiday Membership (Includes this year plus ALL future years!)  $147.00



Don’t lay awake at night worrying about the holidays. Get a good night’s sleep knowing everything is under control. Order these three resources right now:

With these 3 resources, you will be organized, relaxed, and enjoy the whole season.

“I would not SURVIVE the without Marcia’s Holiday class and book! I can honestly say for the last two years, it has been a real joy to celebrate every part of the season with my close and extended family, plan my son’s birthday, shop, make & wrap Christmas presents, run my business, and travel to be with everyone. I NEVER, EVER thought it would be possible.  

“Before the holidays were a chore or task, moving from obligation to obligation, tired and tuned out, and just feeling sad afterward that I wasn’t able to enjoy anyone’s company. Now I enjoy my loved ones and their unique personalities. Marcia’s holiday schedule will happen every year for the rest of my life!”
–Laurie Robinson

May you have a wonderful Holiday Season from start to finish! I’ll see you in the Holiday Class so you turn seasonal stress into holiday success!

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Marcia Ramsland, Your Holiday Coach

Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, Bestselling Author, Organizing Coach and Speaker