• POSTED: 09.26.2012
    Personal Organization

    What’s Your Fine Line Between Margin and Overload?

    This morning I was at a breakfast business meeting and the video clip that was to play when I spoke, didn’t have any sound. My husband said something profound – It was on double speed and when that happens, you can’t hear anything. Sounds like what I expressed to you last week about my personal […]

  • POSTED: 09.18.2012
    Personal Organization

    My Trip to ER: Telltale Signs of Stress Overload!

    On a normal Monday morning in September I ended up in ER sobbing from the intensity of a piercing head pain! What a SCARE! Thankfully all turned out to be fine, but I clearly identified the culprit as Stress Overload. Here’s a Stress Checkup for both you and I today: Stress Overload to Pay Attention […]

  • POSTED: 07.25.2012
    Personal Organization


    This is my Birthday week and a significant year at that. I’m reaching it with mixed emotions, but tipping the scale ever so slightly to feeling excited about it. Moving to a new decade is a milestone however you feel about it! Today I have 3 ways to celebrate and want to unveil a fascinating […]

  • POSTED: 01.04.2012
    Get Healthy!

    Class: “RESET & Beyond” Healthly Lifestyle

    I love to coach people to simplify their time and space. But another lifestyle change I coach monthly is to teach people to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. It all began with a health crisis in our family and I’ve been coaching people to get healthy ever since. Personally I’ve found one great […]