7 Organizing Secrets to Live Better Today

7 Organizing Secrets
to Live Better TODAY!


Do you want to get organized and move out of daily chaos into calm control? Learn these 7 Top Organizing Secrets that elude so many people including: the two kinds of clutter that could be tripping you up, how to get 5 more hours of sleep every month, how to organize once and benefit 10 times over, the strategic 2 Minute Pickup to be “company ready” anytime, and THE KEY to staying organized and not falling back into old habits.

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10 Timesaving Habits to Simplify Your Day


The faster the pace of your life, the more organized you need to be, according to Organizing Coach Marcia Ramsland! Simplify Your life by mastering these ten timesaving habits. You’ll be saving more than time when you master these ten timesaving habits. Save 5 minutes a day and you’ll get 5 extra hours of sleep a month! Save 10 minutes a day for 60 hours a year to do something you enjoy! Pick one of these habits and start saving time.

168 Hour Time Tracker - Ramsland

Marcia’s Famous
168 Hour Time Tracker


Download Marcia’s proprietary “168 Hour Time Tracker” and the article that made her famous. Better Homes & Gardens featured Marcia as a Time Coach for their writer and that generated 1,500 downloads! Print your copy and write down the main thing you do each hour to show you when you focus best and how to balance your week. Soon you’ll know exactly where your time goes and how to save it.

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