Do you have a Summer Bucket List of fun things to do this summer? Use our list to jumpstart your ideas.

If not, here are 10 Ideas for making a normal summer day memorable.

1. Head to the Nearest Water! Come January you don’t want to be saying, “Why didn’t we go to the beach (pool or waterpark) more last summer?” Grab your suit and a friend and make a memory. Selfie’s encouraged.

2. Treat Yourself to Ice Cream
Out of college I applied to manage a Baskin Robbins ice cream store (really!) Except I wondered, Who would buy ice cream in the winter in Illinois? Ice cream says “Summer” so get a double-dip!

3. Do Something Playful
Little kids know how to play at the beach and can teach us adults, too. Just stop, find something interesting, and start playing – tennis, hiking, running, shopping.

4. Wear Your Summer Favorites
Wear the fun stuff … Bermuda Shorts, short skirts, playful sundresses and sandals. This is the time of year to wear your sleeveless favorites and a straw hat. Make it fun and get out in the sun.

5. Wash Your Car and Have a Water Fight!
Get out the hose and have some water fun. It will remind you of washing your first car as a teenager and you’ll feel young again. Don’t mind the neighbors. They’ll be jealous and come over to find out what the squeals of delight are all about!

6. Donate 10 Books You Don’t Read Anymore
I’m going through my books case and picking my Top 100 to stay. The rest are off to the local library and donations. As Mary Engelbrecht said, “Out, Out, Out!”

7. Plan a Trip That’s New to You
It’s easy to do a quick overnight or weekend trip. Where could you go to make to have a “Summer Sendoff” – a beach, a hiking trail, a water park, a sports park? It’s a good time to try out a new place even if it’s nearby.

8. Set Your Kids up for School Success – and You, too
If you’re a parent, go through your kid’s room with them and clean out last year’s schoolwork. Kids do better at school with an organized room. I know, I was a teacher and a parent. Less last year’s paper clutter makes for a better new school year.

9. Have a Barbecue in Your Own Back Yard
Nothing tastes and smells better than something grilling in your own backyard, whether it’s good ole’ hamburgers and hot dogs, or a veggie Shish-Kabob. What’s your favorite? I’m into Corn-on-the-Cob right now and it’s delicious!

10. Go Shopping for Something New to Wear and a Pair of Sandals
Plan out the Summer Sales (Talbots in July 4th weekend) and replace an old pair of sandals or sundress. That way you can enjoy wearing them all summer and get that summer feeling. You’ll look forward to wearing them now, especially if they’re on sale. :)

Today’s Tip:
“Wait until the last 10% of grilling time to slather on glazes. If applied too early, they’ll turn your food into a charred mess.”
— Woman’s Day