Do like like a 4 day weekend? I do, especially July 4th weekend.

July 4th is the first real feeling of summer. A barbecue, cookout, or picnic with friends plus a parade and of course fireworks. Red, white, and blue we salute you and are grateful for this day to celebrate our country.

But what about the other 3 days of the weekend? Here are 10 suggestions you might enjoy doing, too.

10 Things to Do on July 4th Weekend

1. Go to the beach or swim at a nearby pool.

Sunshine and a swim will do you some good! Some lemonade afterward makes it feel like “Good Olde Summertime” when the living is easy.

2. Get your car washed and vacuumed.

We enjoy going to Soapy Joes near us. It’s entertaining to see how spotless we and the people next to us work on getting a shine on our cars.

3. Get out your American flag and plant some flowers.

You’ll meet some neighbors and your home will look inviting.

4. Try on all your summer clothes.

Keep what you love and get one new outfit in a cheery summer color. You’ll feel better with a new outfit from the summer sales.

5. Get some exercise – Hike, bike, play tennis, or run.

Get back your youthful spirit and do something you used to do as a child. Why not? You’re as young as you’ll ever be today.

6. Wash your windows and let the sunshine in.

That’s not often on my list, but it’s always rewarding when it’s done.

7. Clean-out a cluttered storage area or closet.

I’m planning on reorganizing my office shelves Friday and Saturday morning for just an hour or two. I look forward to letting go of things and sharing books that others can benefit from.

8. Walk around your neighborhood and find someone to talk to.

Summer is an easy time to talk to someone and say a friendly “Hi, how are you?”

9. Make your Favorite July4th Picnic Barbecue

Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with potato salad might be worth the effort even as we shelter at home. Food is a great tradition and makes celebrating the day a little more memorable.

10. Learn one new fact about July 4th.

Watch the news or Google July 4 online. Ask the oldest person you know what July 4th means to them and learn something new. It’s a good way to appreciate those who provided our freedom this weekend.

The 4 Day Trip Packing Checklist

4 Day Trip Packing Checklist

Are you going on a trip? Packing isn’t the problem getting ready… it’s all the decisions of what to put in the suitcase that pile up the stress the night before.

So I’ve detailed a 1 page sheet that you can download to take the stress out of packing. You’ll get a good night’s sleep before every trip from now on!