What if your summer happiness was not just a week of vacation on an Alaskan Cruise or a trip to the Bahamas?

Of course that would be a memorable highlight, but what about the rest of the summer when you’re home doing the daily routine?

There are actually 100 summer days from Memorial Day to Labor Day . . .   that you could be HAPPY! Yes, you could be if you (and myself included) were intentional about recording “The Best Things That Happened Today” in a summer journal.

I shared these and other ideas in “100 Days of Summer” Workshop which you can still get, but here are 3 initial steps to start your “Summer Happiness Journal–>

1. Look for Your Daily “Happy Place” Moments

Your daily “Happy Place” is one of the best moments of the day that . . .

  • You smiled
  • You laughed
  • You created
  • You relaxed
  • You solved a problem
  • You completed a project
  • You enjoyed something fun

2. Choose Your Format
In our “100 Days of Summer” Workshop I share two types of formats such as:

  1. A Monthly Calendar. In the workshop I posted colorful June, July, and August calendar downloads as well as a 14 week Summer Calendar that you could write in. Either style is fine and lets you write in a bullet format 2 things in a day.
  2. A Two Column Format. Draw a line down the middle of a notebook or Planner page and pick two column topics to record happy moments of the day such as: Personal & Work, Personal & Fun, Personal & Family

3. Keep it Succinct
The goal of jotting down in your “Summer Happiness Journal” is two-fold:
#1 To help you reflect and jot down your “bright spots” every day.
#2 To find the silver thread of what makes YOU happy most often and do more of that!

What do You Write in Your Happiness Journal?

Remember to focus on two areas and write a smiley face plus the item under each topic like:

Personal / Family
* Organized my closet finally! / Got the kids off to school early!
* Cleaned up the dishes by 7:00 pm and had a free evening! / Planned a Friday Movie Night with Popcorn
* Decided to get back to the gym and checked out times / Insisted that everyone clean up  before bedtime – and they did!

Personal / Work
* Talked to my Best Friend / Turned in a long overdue report by 5:00. Yay!
* Walked with a Coworker. Nice. / Cleaned out my In-Box
* Got a pedicure after work / Asked for Vacation time off this month

You get the idea. So get your Journal, start jotting down smiley faces and ideas, and watch your happiness grow!
It’s all about YOU and discovering what you like to do to make every day a good day.

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