People who learn to manage their time well, get more done, have purpose and direction, and are calmer with time to relax. Learn how to choose and use the best planner and time strategies for your situation in this Class. Join today!

“Monthly Momentum Membership”

“If you do something for 3 months, it will change your Focus.
If you do something for a full year, it will change your LIFE!”
— Dr. Ray Strand

That’s why we offer a Full Year Membership with 2 months Free,
so you can change your LIFE with “Monthly Momentum Membership!”

Our Monthly Membership includes a LIVE Workshop at the beginning of every month to give you an Organizing Boost that will cover everything you need to get Organized & Stay that Way!

“Workshop of the Month”

You’ll get a boost with a Brand New “Workshop of the Month” followed by group “Accountability Coaching”
direct with Marcia since you are a Member!
The Workshops build one upon another so be sure to be there every month. You don’t even have to sign up now that you are a Member! You’ll automatically be put into the next Workshop. Just mark your calendar!

Wednesday, May 8
“Workshop of the Month”

“10 Minute-a-Day Closet Organizing”

Do you want a quick and easy way to organize your closet? And it will no longer take up the whole precious weekend? What I’m about to show you is how to get things done in just 10 minutes! I know you’re a busy woman and guess what? This is the perfect workshop for you! Whether you’re working, taking a break, or retired, everyone wants a quick & easy way to look stylish & feel great without having to wear the same clothes over and over again, right?

DAYTIME: 11:00 PT / Noon MT / 1:00 CT/ 2:00 ET
EVENING: 5:00 PT / 6:00 MT / 7:00 CT/ 8:00 ET

I have found working with hundreds of clients and thousands of audience participants that . . .

Personal Organization is the basis of ALL success in Life.

  • Gone are the days of playing “hurry up” to get caught up and live like we might have back in high school. It’s time to “get it together” in all areas of our lives. But how?

  • Yes it is, but did anyone teach us how to be organized? Mom, teachers, college degrees, bosses? No!
  • You had to learn to “get it together” (aka be organized) on your own, and it didn’t always happen no matter how hard you tried.

    But that’s okay because . . .

GOOD NEWS! Now you CAN LEARN how to be organized and . . .

  • Live the life of calm control that others seem to have figured out (they really haven’t, they just look like it.)
  • Turn your adrenaline rush into productive purposes, instead of running around like a crazy person.
  • Move forward on your TO Do List and actually get check everything off in a day.

Our 12 Most Popular
“Monthly Momentum Membership” Workshops

  • February – “10 Minute Morning Power Bump”

  • March – “Speed Clean Your Desk & Paperwork!”

  • April – “Declutter & Let It Go!”

  • May – “10 Minute a Day Closet Organizing”

  • June- “100 Days of Summer Make Them Great!”

  • July – “Freedom from Email Overload”

  • August – “5 Easy Ways to Organize Photos”

  • September – “The Procrastination Cure”

  • October – “7 Organized Living Secrets”

  • November – “Holiday Planning Workshop”

  • December – “How to Thrive in the Holiday”

  • January – “Goals & Plans for the New Year”


In “Monthly Momentum” Membership, we will cover all these Monthly topics in sequence as Live Workshops on the 1st Wednesday of the Month and Followup Group Coaching the 2nd Wednesday to upgrade your life. You will join at the time of the Topic of the Month and be able to take a full course on the topic of the month at a discount as well!
You will find the step-by-step Tips and Tricks to implement them immediately.

We’re so glad you’re here!
Do you want to get Organized & Stay that way for Good?
You can by becoming a “Monthly Momentum Member!”

The LIVE “Workshop of the Month” will boost your organizing skills every month. By the end of 12 months you’ll be living an Organized Lifestyle that is Easy, Simple, and Productive! —>

10 Minute Power Bump

February-“10 Minute Power Bump”

The “10 Minute Power Bump” Workshop will show you how to accomplish your To Do List for the day, what to do when you are short on time, and how to side step those interruptions that threaten to derail you! Life with the 10 minute power bump will give you time for friends and fun!

March-“Speed Clean Your Papers”

Getting paper organized is the quickest way to get relief and calm control of what might fall through the cracks and cost you money. You’ll be ready to tackle your paperwork with confidence after this Workshop. You’ll feel happier, calmer, and in control when you learn how to get and stay organized with your paperwork going forward.

April-“Declutter & Let It Go!”

 If you don’t learn how to make a practical and motivating plan to declutter and let things go, you’ll be spending too much time trying to make things fit in your home. BUT you will change all that in  “Declutter & Let It Go” Workshop! You’ll learn how to do it step-by-step.

Live an Organized Lifestyle that is
Easy, Simple, & Productive!

Imagine monthly inspiration and training meticulously crafted to guide you from Motivation, Momentum, to Mastery pulling your whole life together.

The cornerstone of our
“Monthly Momentum” Membership?


Through our group coaching sessions, private Facebook
group, and intimate gatherings, you’ll experience
unwavering support to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Picture this…

A Membership that creates Momentum to infuse your life with monthly workshops and Coaching designed to enhance your skills, elevate your
productivity, and unleash your potential.

Here are some of the Perks  you’ll receive in  your “Monthly Momentum Membership”…

LIVE “Workshop of the Month” & Followup Group Coaching for Every Member!
 1st Wednesday is the Workshop and 2nd Wednesday is Followup Q & A Group Coaching for Members.

1-1 Coaching with Marcia for Members Only! $99 Sessions. Sign up for Personal Attention, Action Steps, and Deeper Dive for Improving your life. (30 Minute Sessions).

Course of the Month Discount” $50 for Self-Study or $100 off for Course 1-1 Coaching.  What a perk to get exactly what you need at a big discount!

We understand that everyone’s journey is unique. That’s why we offer multiple signup options to suit your preferences:

“Try It, You’ll Like It”

1 Workshop Occasionally

You can join the LIVE “Workshop of the Month” & watch the Replay.
This allows you to “Try It, You’ll Like It” and see the value in  upgrading to the consistent Monthly Membership.

$47 per Workshop

Membership Level #1

Monthly Momentum

jumpstart your learning with a monthly Workshop on the 1st Wednesday and Q & A Session 2nd Wednesday. Stay focused on your personal growth with Workshop & Q & A sessions for month-to-month AutoRenewal payments of $37, or the Annual 1 time Membership payment with two months free for $370.

$37 Monthly (AutoRenewal)

$370 Annual (2 Months Free!)

Membership Level #2

Monthly Momentum

Guarantees a monthly 1-1 Coaching Call with Marcia! Upgrade anytime to Level #2 with all the benefits of Level 1 with the addition of guaranteed 1-1 longer Coaching session (45 minutes) plus the option of “Course of the Month” discounts expanding on the skills in the Workshop. All this for a Monthly AutoRenewal of $127 per month, or the Annual 1 time Payment with two months free for $1.297.

$127 Monthly (AutoRenewal)

$1,270 Annual (2 Months Free!)

In our Monthly Momentum Membership, besides the “Workshop of the Month” and “Workshop Coaching” you will have these options:

In our Monthly Momentum Membership, you will:

  • VIP FACEBOOK MEMBERSHIP!  You’ll get Coached each Month in the 2nd Wednesday “Workshop Coaching”

  • 1-1 COACHING MONTHLY Additional Sessions Only $99! Al La Carte $99 Additional Coaching Sessions (30 Minutes

  • $50 COURSE of the MONTH DISCOUNT: $50 Discount on DIY Self-Study Course of the Month

  • $100 Discount on the 1-1 Coaching with the Course of the Month! Wow, $100 Discount on Coaching Course of the Month

Count me in!

Be a member today

Meet Marcia

The Organizing Pro

With her expertise. bestselling insights, and unwavering commitment, Marcia leads the charge towards your organizational mastery and personal growth.

Are you ready to elevate your organizational skills. achieve your goals. and unlock your potential? Join Monthly Momentum today and witness the power of accountability and mastery in propelling you towards success!

Money Back/ Satisfaction Guarante

Within the Monthly Momentum Membership, were dedicated to your growth and satisfaction, standing by our program with a risk-free, 14-day satisfaction guarantee. If Monthly Momentum doesn’t meet your expectations within the initial 14 days, contact us for a full refund — no questions asked.


You can make any changes by emailing us. Changes would include:
1) Upgrade from any level to a higher level membership  for more of a discount or Coaching with Marcia!)
2) Request prior Workshops at the Members price. Yes, you can do that since all 12 are what is needed to be mastered to live an organized lifestyle!
3) Leave the Membership, though that means you would have to wait 6 months to join again at a Members level.

Yea, we offer different membership options to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer Monthly or Annual commitment, you will be able to get the full benefits of Monthly Momentum Membership.

You will discover living organized is easy, simple, and productive when you learn the right systems and habits. You’ll enhance your strengths and build your confidence, while areas where you feel weak you will learn skills to manage them better!

Monthly Momentum

If you do something for 3 months, it will change your Focus. If you do something for a full year, it will change your LIFE! Join Monthly Momentum Membership!


“Try It, You’ll Like It”

  • Live Workshop of the Month

  • Replay available the Next Day.

  • Can register for Monthly Workshops
    or Upgrade to a Member Level.

$47 per Workshop


Membership Level #1
(Monthly Members)

  • Live Workshop of the Month

  • 2nd Wednesday Workshop Group Coaching Session!

  • Insider Information & Discounts

  • “Monthly Momentum” Members Facebook Group

  • All Additional Discounts: %50 DIY Course of the Month and $100 Courses with Coaching

  • 1-1 Coaching Session Option for $99 (30 Minutes)

$37 Monthly (AutoRenewal)

$370 Annual (2 Months Free!)


Membership Level #2
(Monthly Members)

  • Live Workshop of the Month

  • Workshop Coaching Session!

  • “Monthly Momentum” Members Facebook Group

  • Insider Information & Discounts

  • 1-1 Private Facebook Album for Coaching

  • All Additional Discounts: %50 DIY Course of the Month and $100 Courses with Coaching

  • 1-1 Longer Monthly Coaching Session INCLUDED (45 Minutes)

$127 Monthly (AutoRenewal)

$1,270 Annual (2 Months Free!)

Get your “Organizing Momentum” going today with Monthly Momentum Membership! Sign Up, Show Up, and we guarantee you’ll learnt o live an Organize Lifestyle that is Easy, Simple, and Productive!

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