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Pink Confetti Planner


Kate Simulated Open Binder


Day-Timer Kathy Davis Binder

planner white

White 3 Ring Binder
Marcia’s Choice

What Can a Planner Do For Me?

testimonial“I’ve been following and working with Marcia for at least 3 years, and last Summer during a personal coaching call Marcia recommended I start using a Planner.

Marcia guided me through the steps to setting up my planner system. I use it everyday, my planner is like my brain! It goes with me to work me and has sections for each family member (including our dog!) with easy to access information.

This planner has come in handy this year during my son’s first year of college. I use a tab with his name and have school information stored for those times when I needed to log in to the school website to make tuition and housing payments. Easy access for items I don’t want to forget along with keeping track of my family’s busy schedule!

I’m glad to be using my planner and would be lost without it! – Theresa Martinez

“Having a planner has helped me in organizing my thoughts, to do’s, projects, and more much better than before, as I now know  to look at time both “vertically” and “horizontally.”

Gone are the days of not preparing enough in advance for a long weekend or upcoming appointment, because with the planner I am reminded to give myself enough cushion or down time surrounding these events.” – Helen


Daily Pages


Day-Timer Refill One Page Per Day


Blooms Daily Pages


Leadership Daily Pages


Classic Serenity Daily Pages

Monthly Calendar


Day-Timer Monthly Calendar

2 Page Per Day
& Calendar

Monthly Calendar
Marcia’s Choice

Page Finder & Dividers


Marcia’s Choice 


Covey Classic Task List


Write & Erase Dividers

Planner filler

Binder Paper College Rule

Hole Punch

hole punch

Franklin Covey  7-Hole Punch