Personal Organization is the basis of all success!

The best way to keep your life in order is using a Planner.
It keeps you focused and guides you to invest your time where you want it to go
to get better results that you ever imagined.

testimonial“In one of our Coaching Sessions, Marcia recommended I get a Planner to manage my personal and work life.

“Marcia guided me through the steps to setting up my planner system. I use it everyday, my planner is like my brain! It goes with me to work me and has sections for each family member (including our dog!) with easy to access information.

“I’m glad to be using my planner and would be lost without it!”
Theresa Martinez, California

“I have always used some form of planner – in fact, at times I had multiple planners going for different things!

 “Marcia showed me how to get much better organized using one planner system. It has helped me organize information, plan ahead for short and long term projects, and especially to stay on track.”
                                                                                                            — Marie Johnson, Ohio

Marcia’s Recommendations include —>

Teal Planner
Faux Leather


Marcia’s Planner
Create a Cover

Marble Binder

3-Ring Marble Binder

Pink-Day-Time-Loose-Leaf-Organizer Set-breast-cancer-awareness

3-Ring Black & White Binder 

Floral Garden Binder

3-Ring Floral Planner

Daily Pages – Order “1 Page per Day”

1 Page Per Day Planner

1 Page Per Day – Marcia’s

January 2024 – December 2024

Classic Blooms 1 Page Per Day Ring-Bound Planner

1 Page Per Day – Blooms

January 2024 – December 2024

1 Page Per Day Planner

2 Page Per Day – “Seasons”

January 2024 – December 2024

Monthly Calendar

Month Calendar Marcia's Choice

* Marcia’s Choice
Monthly Calendar

Best Value! Month & Daily Pages

Month Calendar
with Weekly Pages

Day Timer Monthly Calendar

2024 Monthly Calendar

Page Finder & Dividers

Planner Page Finder

*Page Finder &
for Weekly Goals

Covey Classic Task List

Your Weekly
Goals List

Covey Classic Task List

*Personal Topic Dividers

Mini Planner Lined Pages

*Line Paper for
Your Planner



*Storage Binder for Extra Pages


Adhesive Pen Holders


Adjustable Paper Punch

Brother P-touch PTD210- Easy-to-Use Label Maker

Label Maker
Marcia’s Choice

More Accessories!


*Marcia’s Favorite


Marcia’s Favorite
Cable Organizer


Marcia’s Paper

* Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases, but I earn no commission from the links that lead you to other companies. I put these items here for your convenience to acquire the best organizing tools quickly.


Simplify Your Life Book

Simplify Your Life Book
$15.00 $13.00

Simplify Your Time Book

Simplify Your Time
$15.00 $13.00

Simplify Your Space

Simplify Your Space
$15.00 $13.00

Workspace Book

Organizing Your Workspace

Time Management Coaching

Simplify Your Space

Time Management Just for Women
(and a few Brave Men!)

“Time Management Just for Women” will help you do more with less stress, streamline your day, and manage interruptions. You’ll create more time for yourself and move from overwhelm to calm control. This is a recommended core course that will change your life!

Simplify Your Time Book

Work Smarter & Thrive
with Your Time for Your Best Schedule

Do you get your To Do List finished and have personal time to relax each day? If not, it’s time to “Work Smarter” by Learning to plan your time differently. Let the Organizing Pro use her gifts of Strategy and Focus to teach you time skills that work for perfectly for you!

“Gone are the days of not preparing enough in advance for a long weekend or upcoming appointment, because with the planner I am reminded to give myself enough cushion or down time surrounding these events.”


“Having a planner has helped me in organizing my thoughts, to do’s, projects, and more much better than before, as I now know  to look at time both “vertically” and “horizontally.” – Coaching Class Participant, Helen, NYC