5 Best Time Routines Charts by Marcia Ramsland

“The 5 Best Time Routines” for a Great Day Everyday!

“Anything you do more than once at the same time every day 
becomes a habit and saves you time now and in the future.”
— Marcia Ramsland, Your Organizing Pro

These 5 Best Time Routines will become habits once you practice them over and over. They will give you  energy, help you get more things done, and keep your life running smoothly.

Print these two sheets, fill in the times, and follow them for two weeks. Better yet, post it on the refrigerator and ask your family and coworkers to help everyone stay on schedule.

Once these 5 Time Routines become habits in your life you will …
* Feel more in control of your day
* Establish better time boundaries

* Increase your energy for whatever the day may hold

Once you know the best time routines for your life, your priorities will fall into place and life will get easier once you decide and follow YOUR #5 Best Time Routines.” 



Print and post as many copies as you need to keep everyone on track at home and work.


Marcia Ramsland, Your Organizing Pro & Coach  www.organizingpro.com