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In This One Time Class, You will Learn

* The Key Principle to Know Where to Begin
* The Difference Between Organizing and Simplifying
* How the 12 Client “Before and After” Photos Can Inspire Your Next Steps
* 3 Ways to Improve Your Personal Organizing Success Right Now!


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Marcia Ramsland is a Professional Organizing Coach, an international speaker, and author of her Simplify Your Life series with over 100,000 books sold. Marcia personally coaches individuals and organizations to be highly productive in managing their time, space, and life. Marcia is a nationally recognized media guest appearing in national media like Woman’s Day, the Wall Street Journal, and Martha Stewart radio. Marcia’s services include Coaching, Online Classes, and Speaking to business and community groups. Hundreds of clients and audiences from New York to California agree with her belief that anyone can become more organized – even YOU!