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YOU & YOUR PERSONAL LIFE covers all aspects of your life including organizing your home, projects, and time skills to get your life organized – and stay that way!

Choose from classes or personal 1-1 Coaching for lasting success!

Personal Coaching with 1-on-1 guidance, accountability, and team work allows you to live an easier, organized lifestyle and accomplish more in life. Through Face Time, Skype, or phone and pictures, I Coach people through organizing their Professional or Personal life projects just as if I’m there personally. Together we become a “Team” to quickly get through organizing hurdles and live an organized lifestyle. Coaching Clients say they feel instant relief and find it’s much easier to move ahead.

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A Kitchen Counter can become cluttered with papers, notes, event items … unless you have an organized space. Ella in Ohio kept what she needed to by the calendar while setting up 5 File Folders to handle the mail and daily paperwork after we located a nearby space for her desk. Now her kitchen is always clean!


Clear Kitchen Counters, Refrigerator, and Table are what everyone learns right away in the Coaching course “Bringing Simplicity Home” like Margie from Alabama. She was motivated by the course and upcoming company to have a “Clear Line of Sight” across all her countertops. She did it and now it’s easy to maintain. Less is definitely more… more time for better activities and easy meal prep.

Any Desk and Paperwork can be Organized when you know exactly what to do. Diane in Illinois hardly ever used her desk except to collect paperwork. After the “Organize ALL Your Papers” course and Coaching with Marcia, she was able to organize her desk, papers, and relax now that papers were in an easy to use organized system. No more worries. Everything is in order.


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An Organized Home Office Can Increase Your Bottom Line! Susan in California had a lovely Home Office but made the mistake of putting everything in the middle of the floor to organize it. Over time, things got added to the pile until she “gave up.” Once she took “Organize ALL Your Papers” course and Coaching, she worked really hard for two summer months to get the whole office in order. She relaunched her business and is much more productive and relieved.

Vertical B%2FA Basement

Can you believe this basement makeover in 1 Week of Coaching with Marcia’s Famous Action Plan?

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Every Storage Space Can Be Organized if you know how to do it! Ramona spent every summer reorganizing her basement until Marcia gave her an ACTION PLAN that completed this section of the basement in just one week! Sure, Ramona worked hard, but after almost a year everything is easy to maintain. Her summer is now freed up to do fun things with her family instead of being stuck in the basement. Good organizational systems last.


Keepsakes Should Make You Smile! If not, why are you keeping them? Go through all the boxes and bags to keep your best and donate or recycle the rest! No one wants old, musty things passed on to them. Organize and display your favorites or be ready to pull them out at a family gathering. It can be done because everything can be organized. Many people are choosing to be coached on this topic just to clear out space.

What Would You Pick for Your Organizing Project?

I love to see people achieve their goal of organizing by clearing out and cleaning up. Less time is then spent looking for things and more time is spent doing interesting things. People are happier and feel in control. Nothing is too big or too small to spend time doing when it comes to the overall goal of organizing your life!

Are You Ready to Get Organized?

If not now, when? Today is the best day to live an organized lifestyle and enjoy the results from now on.

In your Online Organizing Course with Coaching You Will Receive:

* Online Course to Train You on the Best Strategies

* Weekly “Action Plans” of Exactly What To Do

* Weekly Calls to Accomplish Your Goal in a Very Short Amount of Time

* Weekly Accountability with “Before and After” Photos

* The joy of Having a Coach Guide You Through from Start to Finish!

I’ve been organizing in person for over three decades and I’ve seen it all. BUT now I’m delighted to say with today’s technology, I can come Coach you through Face Time or Skype to organize any part of your life in a very short amount of time. You will have my Expertise just as if I’m right next to you. I am!


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I look forward to what we can accomplish together! Sign up for a Coaching Course and I’ll help you change YOUR life forever!


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