Want to end your day

with your



Time to RELAX?

“The Blueprint Accelerator” is the proven way

to implement the genius habits in the 5 Step Blueprint. 

The weekly group Coaching & teaching by Marcia Ramsland herself will help you

overcome procrastination & provide solutions to your unique situation.

Have you ever bought a course and never gotten around to

following through on it? We’re not going to let that happen!

I want to make sure you maximize your “5 Step Blueprint” purchase by advancing to the “Blueprint Accelerator Coaching Sessions” to ensure you have accountability and follow through to get the most out of your course.

Everything You Need to Get Organized TODAY!

Includes the Power Bump, 2 Minute Pickup, & Evening Wind Down.

What’s included in the Accelerator Coaching Sessions?

  • The Morning Power Bump personalized for YOU!
  • Selection of the best To Do List Planning Tools
  • Personal Coaching to Plan your days effectively
  • Calendar strategies to manage your limited time & energy
  • Group Coaching to solve issues and learn from others
  • VIP Private Facebook Group to post and get strategic, helpful pointers
  • Motivation and Momentum to make these new habits and routines stick for life!
  • People accomplish 80% more in a group compared to 10% when they work on their own.
  • WOW! That’s why you should join “Blueprint Accelerator” TODAY! You’ll improve 80% more in a group setting with an Expert Coach than you would on your own.

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Live Group Coaching Sessions happen every week on Zoom & everyone gets a chance to get feedback and get coached. Great group support & encouragement!

Register now and mark your calendar to begin this

Thursday for 3 Weeks!

11:00 am PT / 12:00 MT / 1:00 CT / 2:00 ET


Here’s what women have to say about The 5 Step Blueprint…

“I learned amazing organizational ideas in the 5 Step Blueprint. I enjoy doing the 10 minute Power Bump in the morning with my coffee. This helps me put structure into my day and sets me up to succeed. Assigning times to my to do list items motivates me to be intentional with my time. I’m getting so much more done in a day.”

— Jennifer Poland, Mother of Four

“I looked forward to class as the highlight of my week, seeing what others were doing and learning new things from Marcia’s coaching and teaching. Her 5 Step Blueprint helped me organize the day like a rainbow; her tips on beginning and ending the day were most helpful.”

Sheri Deppe, Administrative Assistant and Business Partner


My Coaching is at least 3x this price, so jump on this and get a kick-start on an organized lifestyle.
I laid it all out for you in an easy to follow daily Blueprint.
You’ll love it and wonder how every day could flow this easily from start to finish.

GET ACCESS to “The Blueprint Accelerator!” Just $99

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Every minute you wait to get “The 5 Step Blueprint to a NEW Organized YOU!” is another minute you’ll wish you could be that woman calmly accomplishing her To Do list, getting dressed and looking put together, having an organized home, and having her evenings free.

This will be life changing when you get Coaching and group support to implement the Blueprint strategies. I promise! 

Join “Blueprint Accelerator Coaching” Only $99 (Reg. $297)

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