Organized Office

Do you wish you had more time to get everything done? Are you living life at the pace you want? Do you work hard all day, but feel guilty when you’re not?

Practical time management, goal setting, and productivity is exactly what we need to find more free time and decompress the stress in our lives. I know. I was a driven stressed out woman managing home, work and family until everything came to a halt.
Like you, I KNEW my life was made for more –  more than feeling rushed, running from one task to another, and wondering why I couldn’t get everything done in a day.

To do things you enjoy, you must find the time to do them.

To make your life easier, you must find better ways of doing things. To spend time with people you value, you must say goodbye to a jam-packed schedule. Managing your time includes everything about you and welcomes your personal style of getting things done.

I can’t think of anything more important than managing your TIME and LIFE.

In these practical, problem-solving courses you will learn how to make your life work better, to streamline your day, accomplish more with less stress, manage your time easily, and live a lifestyle you love!


Marcia instantly sees the big picture and makes my dreams come alive …

Marcia is a “Dream Weaver!” I present my “How-Can-We-Possibly-Do-This” Dream Projects to her, and she instantly sees the big picture.It’s a gift! She then guides me through a creative maze until I experience my goals coming alive. Marcia stunningly created website branding perfectly reflecting my message and what I was about. Marcia, you are the real deal. You continually encourage me, believe in me, and truly care. I love working with you!

– Linda Breitman, Speaker, Coach, and Author of The Real You


Marcia holds me accountable like no other Coach

My schedule was all over the place, and I felt overwhelmed and stuck all the time. Since working with Marcia, I’m attracting new clients, new energy, and wonderful relationships. Marcia is an encouraging Coach, but relentless. No coach has held me this accountable for my dreams and progress quite like she does. My advice – work with her immediately!

– Jen Fiandt, Health Coach and Movement Expert

I always Coach you through life organization in 3 practical ways:
✓ A Video Course Training
✓ Weekly Accountability with an Action Plan
✓ My Personal Coaching in a group or 1-1

Here are the courses I recommend you take:

productivity course

30 Day Productivity Boost

For Personal & Professional Growth

This laser-focused program will maximize your Time, Workspace, Digital World, Financials, & Personal Priorities to build a solid foundation for personal and professional growth.

Office Cleanup

Paper Organizing Made Easy

Give Your Workspace
New Life!

Do you struggle with catching up on your paperwork, emptying your email In-Box, or keeping up with the many projects in your workspace? Double your productivity instantly with everything streamlined!

Time Management

Business Time Management 

Working Systems with Results

“Time Management for Business” Coaching will help you do more with less stress and see results each day. You’ll create skyrocket your productivity, streamline your systems, and manage your time efficiently.

90 day business building

90 Day Business Building

Improve Your Workflow and Productivity Today

“90 Days to Build Your Productivity and Profits” is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to achieve better workflow and productivity. Including raising your profits!


When I gave up my full-time job to launch my practice,

I was suddenly faced with the challenges of working from a home office. It was time to rethink how I was going to manage my time, my space, and projects under “the new normal.” The truth is that I was stuck and needed help.“In one session Marcia saw exactly how to rearrange my office and create a weekly schedule for my multifaceted roles. The results were immediately tangible: more productivity, efficiency, and creativity. As an executive coach and consultant, I understand the value of investing in coaching to maximize one’s potential. Four years later, I’m still benefiting from Marcia’s guidance!”

  Maria Keckler, Communications Consultant & Executive Coach


Working with Marcia is the best investment I’ve ever made in my business!

I was missing pieces that have been causing me so much stress and frustration. I feel like I’ve been working on this HUGE puzzle for years, but now our time together is giving me the missing pieces. I cannot tell you how freeing this is for me as a business owner.

Jackie Chapman, Owner – 10 Year Top Rated eBay Business Owner,


Once you complete these courses with 1-1 Coaching, in a Group Course,
or as a Self-Study program, you will find . . .

✓ Life is easier

✓ You’re happier

✓ Your business is easy to manage

✓ Your life is calmer and under control

✓ You get more done in less time

✓ You’re on time and people like you more

With these courses and Coaching you’ll be living an organized lifestyle that’s Easy. Simple. Productive. I promise!