We had an overwhelming response to our free Class “5 Tips to Clean Up Your Computer!” This means you are not the only one who has this issue…

Everyone suffers from needing to take time to clean up their computer! And it’s causing us all stress, misplaced files, and email overload! Let’s Change That!

To Watch or Listen to the Call:

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Here are the Powerpoint Slides: PDF slides

Offering the NEXT STEP to hold you accountable to actually clean up Your computer like we talked about on the Call. YOU’RE INVITED to my very affordable Class to Get Your Computer Cleanup Up!

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Once you take this course, you will have more clarity on your computer, more things will be accomplished, and everything will be in order.


  • 3 Weekly Class Trainings along with Q & A questions from the Class answered every week.

  • Play back Recordings of all the Classes which includes webinar teaching.

  • You’ll keep track of what you did on your Class Chart

  • You will have Weekly Accountability emails to send in the day before Class, including 1 big “Aha” that you discovered that week on your computer and 1-2 Questions to be answered in class.


  • You’ll have an organized computer and start to feel calmer, clearer, and rid of all unnecessary emails and files.

  • You’ll feel FREE and in control every time you open your computer from now on!

  • Here’s the registration to guarantee you clear out the old in your computer and email In-Box and are ready to live free and clear with it ALL behind you!

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Do join me and let’s do this together. You’ll love the Group approach and motivation and accountability to work on this.

Marcia Ramsland