Don’t wait until Christmas Day to celebrate
the real meaning of Christmas.

My STORY “How I Changed the Way I Celebrate Christmas”

Every year I would anticipate getting up early on Christmas Day morning to read the Nativity story in Luke 2 and have a special spiritual quiet time thinking about the spiritual meaning of Christmas. But it didn’t happen.

Instead Christmas Day EVERYONE got up early and I was tied up for 2 hours making individual Norwegian “Tynepanakage” (thin pancakes) for each person.

The day continued filled with excitement, stockings, opening presents, and finally I got to bed happy, tired, and feeling like I missed the whole spiritual meaning of Christmas! Ugh.

I felt like a failure at honoring the Christ child and the spiritual meaning oft Christmas.


Finally after years of this repeated failure I felt led to write a booklet where I would start December 1 with a verse a day leading up to Christmas Day.

Ah, that year my heart was prepared. It worked!

The result? My Booklet…

Simply December Devotions!
25 Days to Celebrate the Real Meaning of Christmas

“To prepare your heart and home for Christmas,
it takes more than giving presents and decorating.”

In Simply December Devotions you’ll take a parallel journey between the first Christmas and your holiday activities to help you stay calm and be ready for Christmas.
This new look at the Christmas story will help you refocus on the importance of the holiday and how it relates to your daily life.

December 1-25 Devotionals

Get your heart in the right place for celebrating Christmas with my December 1- 25 devotional.

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What’s Included:

    • A Verse a Day Leading You Through the Christmas Story

    • A Contemporary Thought Applying that Verse

    • A Prayer for Today

    • A Holiday To Do Chart to Write Reminders of What to Do Today

    • A Holiday Tip a Day to Save Time on Your Holiday Tasks

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May you have a wonderful Holiday Season from start to finish!


Marcia Ramsland, Your Holiday Coach

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