Would you like to get organized and stay that way?

Would you like to live calm and confident that everything is in order?

Would you like to lower your stress, finish your To Do List, and have time for yourself?

YOU CAN . . .
in 7 Weeks to a NEW Organized You!

“Fresh Start! The Step-by-Step Plan to Get Organized & Stay that Way”

is the “motherload” of all organizing skills to get your whole life put together – a clutter-free home, an organized closet, your paperwork in order, and time skills to find personal time and still get everything done!

In this course, you will experience . . .

  • Peace of mind knowing your home is in order and company can stop over anytime!

  • Relief knowing everything is organized and ready for each day

  • Ability to effortlessly organize your paperwork and clear your daily mail

  • Clarity on how to BEST manage your time and get things done efficiently

  • A lifestyle that maximizes your productivity and balances your personal time

Getting organized is the fastest way to turn daily chaos into calm control.

Phase 1: Smart Systems to Keep Your Home Always Looking Organized

eating lady

Week 1 ‒ Time-saving Kitchen Tips When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking

  • Easily answer the toughest question of the day “What’s for Dinner?”
  • Never have a pile of dishes waiting for you at the end of a long day
  • The 15 Minute Kitchen Cleanup Method to get out of the kitchen after every meal
  • Avoid the 3-5 Menu Rut with the Two-Week Master Menu Plan
  • Conquer Countertop Clutter with the 2/3 Principle so it always looks clean

Remember having a meal together is not about the food, it’s about the mood.

closet lady

Week 2 ‒ Personal Space is not a Luxury, it’s a Necessity

  • Your bedroom and closet – Turn it from stressful to restful
  • Turn your bedroom into a relaxing retreat with ONE key step every day
  • Use “The Same Day Laundry System” and never have piles to put away again!
  • Replace the “Crisis & Memory” Method with calming time management tools
  • 3 steps to keep your calendar from overwhelming your life

I always say, “You’ll enjoy waking up to an organized closet once all the excess clothes are gone and you only have clothes that make you feel good about yourself.”

cleaning woman

Week 3 ‒ Clutterfree Living is Better than a Clean Home

  • How to Spot (and Disperse) Perpetual Clutter Spots
  • The weekly “ No-Fail Home Cleaning Plan” takes out drop-in company embarrassment
  • The Two-Minute Pickup keeps you from doing weekend catchup
  • How to make smart choices even in chaotic moments
  • Plan your day so everything gets done and you have time to relax
table - before
table - after

“You know what I REALLY LOVE? … the cleaning schedule! I haven’t had my housekeeper come in 2 weeks yet my home looks nice, tidy and clean. I could have company drop in and I would be comfortable; this is HUGE!! It’s so easy with a schedule.Thank you; thank you; thank you!! I have joy to overflowing.” Christine, Illinois

Phase 2: Organize Your Paper & Projects

lady checking mail

Week 4 ‒ Conquer the Mail Pile & Advance to Project Planning

  • Setup a personal organizing center so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Setup the  “5 file folder system” and never have a mail pile again!
  • How to schedule your time when you have a long To Do List
  • Rise above daily living with project planning for a beautiful home
  • How to schedule your time when you have a long to-do list
mail - pile - before

“The book reading was wonderful. It gave lots of examples of “real” life situations that one can relate to. It was easy to read.” — Nicole D.

working on pc

Week 5 ‒ Walk into an Organized Office to Get Work Done Quickly

  • The perfect desk and workspace setup that’s just right for you!
  • How to find and guard your personal power hour
  • Smart paper & email systems to save 20 minutes a day, or 90 hours a year!
  • Setup your computer files & desktop so you don’t get lost in cyber rabbit trails
  • Know Yourself Better – 7 Elements You Must Have for a Great Day Every Day
  • My 10 Time-Saving Techniques for work including the 2-Minute Pickup for Paperwork
Office - Before

“My favorite part of the course is Marcia’s encouragement “You can do this!” ‒ Starting small and working up to big projects.The person that was most impressed with my changes was my mom and husband. My husband said, “I wish your class wasn’t ending. It has been wonderful for our family.” — Wendy H,

Phase 3: Organize Your Project, Family, & Life


Week 6: Family, Holidays, and Life Transitions Don’t Have to Rock your Boat

  • Use the Age Level Chore Chart for Kids and get their help to clean the house
  • 5 Steps to Clean a Child’s Bedroom so you Don’t Have to do it Yourself
  • Create a Simple Child’s Memory Book to Store Their Best Papers
  • 7 Questions to Ask Yourself when You Go Through a Life Crisis
  • The 8-Week Holiday Chart for a Stress-free Holiday Every Year!
  • Simplify Your Holiday Season to enjoy it yourself
Closet - before
Closet - After

You are the Mother Teresa of Organization, teaching us how to live, love, and yes laugh along our daily lives.” Juanita, San Diego, CA.


Week 7 ‒  Life Transitions CAN Lead to a Better You!

  • 3 Steps to Move Through Any Transition even When You’re Dragging Your Feet
  • How to Stay Organized  When Family doesn’t help
  • Schedule an organizing project & avoid the embarrassment of drop in company
  • Learn how to stay organized and enjoy your life to the fullest!
Basement - Before
Basement After

This morning my kitchen was clean, my bed made, and I was dressed . . . thankfully before my day was interrupted with my Dad taken to the hospital with complete organ failure. Being ready makes life’s interruptions bearable.” Niambi, Texas

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Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, Bestselling Author, Organizing Coach and Speaker

By the end of the course, you will have . . .

  • Peace of mind knowing your home is in order and company can stop over anytime!

  • Relief knowing everything is organized and ready for each day

  • Ability to organize your paperwork and clear your daily mail effortlessly

  • Clarity on how to BEST manage your time and get things done efficiently

  • A lifestyle that maximizes your productivity and balances your personal time


You are gifted, hard-working, and made for more. Soar beyond the glass ceiling that’s holding you back by registering today!

You will learn skills to apply immediately that will last you a lifetime! This will be the best investment you’ve made in your home, your time, and your life!

Marcia Ramsland

   One Class participant said, “Before I was organized in bits and pieces. But then a light bulb went on in your class and I put it all together! Before I had been falling behind, but now I get things done and have everything in order thanks to your Coaching Class.”