The Organizing Pro’s “Hall of Fame”

from Marcia’s Clients & Class Members


Marcia Ramsland, Holiday Coach

Marcia Ramsland,
“The Holiday Coach”

The Organizing Pro’s “Hall of Fame”
for the Holidays

Dear Friend,

Thank you for stopping by to get inspired with photos from my annual “Stress-Free Holiday Season Class” which I’ve been teaching for the past 10 years. I teach motivational weekly systems, time & money saving tips, and Coach the women each week. Everyone keeps up and gets ready early without the stress!

The Holiday Class –  We meet weekly in November and December with both a DAYTIME and EVENING class to accommodate the 60+ women online. Usually everyone becomes a LIFETIME HOLIDAY CLASS Member so they get the latest ideas and get their momentum going the next year. We use “The Holiday Planning Hub” and everyone has an organized notebook, ideas, and plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Join us!


Thanksgiving Inspiration

Thanksgiving Inspiration


Hailey’s daughter in Idaho – Have someone make this show stopper veggie tray and listen to the Wows!

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Set Your Table

Reta in Florida – Set your table inside or out with your best table setting.

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Plan Your Tables

Barbara in California – Set up multiple tables and keep the setting coordinated to make it cohesive.

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Family Thanksgiving
Bring a Dish to Serve

Hailey in Idaho – Lovely Buffet Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Thanksgiving Decorations
with Gourds

Hailey in Idaho – Great idea to decorate the fireplace ledge.

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Pies for Dessert

Reta in Florida – Our traditional homemade cranberry sauce, roasted pecans, pumpkin pie, and flan.

Gift Wrap Center & Christmas Gift List

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Gift Wrap Center

Diana in Ohio – Gift Wrap Center all set up ready to go!

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Gift Tags

Roxanne in Texas – Smart Idea to sign all the Tags ahead.

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Christmas Cards

Reta in Florida – Planned time for homemade Christmas Card assembly line.

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Cookies Galore!

Kerstin in New York – A family tradition to bake with teenage twin daughters.

Thanksgiving Inspiration

An Eye Pleasing Dessert

Roxanne in Texas – Bringing a food dish? Make it eye catching!

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Chocolate Anyone?

Julie in California – Homemade Chocolate  and Fudge are always great gifts, especially if you make them yourself.

Christmas Decorating

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Front Entry Decoration

Reta in Floria – Make a welcoming statement all season, even for amazon deliveries.

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Nativity Scene Display

Jennifer in Illinois – Display the Nativity front and center to remind everyone of the reason for the season.

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Stairway Stockings

No fireplace? No problem. Decorate the stairway railing with stockings.

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Fireplace Tasteful

Donna in Illinois – Be selective about how you decorate. Don’t clutter. Keep it simple.

Special Times

Thanksgiving Inspiration

The Christmas Tree

Get the tree up early so you can enjoy the twinkly lights each evening as you prep for Christmas. – Pilar Klein

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Family Photo Time

Sterling in Pennsylvania – Plan that gathering photo shot – at the table before you eat or afterward gathered together.

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Serendipity Events

Pauline in Illinois – Keep your phone handy and snap those serendipity shots.

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Fireplace Mantel

Use your creativity and do something new on a fireplace mantel, credenza, or table. Decorate! – Jennifer Gioffre Poland



Have the Most Peaceful,

Stress-Free Holiday Season ever
with our “Holiday Planning Hub” or joining this year’s  Holiday Class!