Holiday Class Alumni

Holiday "Lifetime" --> Holiday "Alumni"
re: December 2022 Announcement

Dear Holiday Class Member,

Important! Did you know that we discontinued “Lifetime” Holiday Membership years ago in 2019? Yes, we did.

After serious consideration and discussions with my Board, I am moving you to “Alumni” status. That means you will have to sign up yearly to join the Holiday Class, but we are making 3 options available below.

Why the change from “Lifetime” to “Alumni” status?

Though I’d love to honor the word “Lifetime” that’s not possible anymore.

Since 2019 I have been teaching 14 Holiday Classes (7 Daytime and 7 Evening) yearly at no cost to you and no income to me for my Time or Team expenses I need to pay.  You paid a nominal amount for Lifetime status before that year.

But Organizing Pro Team costs and Technology expenses each year are mounting up for me to run the course. Hence the change in your status to "Alumni" which you will now have to renew for each year going forward.

* Going forward as a current Holiday Class member you can sign up for the discount Early Bird price for the next year before the first Friday in January. PLUS you will get the next year's Holiday Calendar included as a BONUS (no charge).

--> Watch the short video to let me tell you about this important change.
Click on the arrows in the bottom right corner to expand the screen.

What do you need to do? We have 3 Choices for you . . .

Choice #1) Current Class members "Early Bird Registration” for next Year’s Holiday Class

"END OF THE YEAR" Special Price until the first Friday in January ($50)
    * This includes the next year's Holiday Calendar for no charge.
REGISTER as a Current Holiday Class Member Early Bird Price HERE

Choice #2) The Regular Holiday Alumni Regular Price 

After the first Friday in January, the Alumni registration fee for the rest of the year will be $67, plus the additional $7 for the Holiday Hub Calendars. That includes 7 sessions plus a 1-1 Bonus Class. Basically meeting weekly to have a smooth holiday season is only about $8 and cheaper than a Starbucks or fast food stop!


Choice #3) The Annual 1 Session HOLIDAY PLANNING WORKSHOP

The first Thursday in November I host the annual one time event, “Holiday Planning WORKSHOP” every year for only $37. This overview is perfect if you have limited time and  is cost effective as well. The Holiday Hub Calendars will need to be purchased separately for that Workshop.


Holiday Class

$25 Amazon Gift Card for YOU
for EACH New Holiday Class Member You Bring!
PLUS a PRIZE for the Person  who Brings in the most New Members!

We love new Holiday Class members and you have friends, sisters, and coworkers that you know would love the class.

If they sign up because of your invitation, you will receive a $25 amazon Gift Card for EVERY new Class member you bring in! Essentially you can pay for your yearly membership by bringing in new people.

You become their "Sponsor" and encourage and do the class with them. Two-three-or four friends will achieve more when you do it together!

I would love to see you continue to grow and improve every year in the Holiday Class!

Know that I care for you and have made the transition as easy as possible to "Holiday Alumni."

Together, let's continue to make the Holidays stress-free and more enjoyable for ourselves and reaching out to others because we have mastered the skills of Organizing the Holiday Season better and better each year.

Marcia Ramsland, Your Holiday Coach