What if you could have
the BEST Holiday Season
   without all the Stress?

You can with the “Holiday Hub 8-Week Calendar & Master Gift List Bundle” Only $7!

When you think of the Holiday Season ahead do you feel . . .

  • Overwhelmed thinking of all the holiday details and not feeling “up” to it
  • A small sense of dread that you’re not going to meet everyone’s expectations
  • Fatigue has set in and you’re tired of dealing with all the ups and downs of the past year
  • Wishing people’s expectations of a cheery, memorable Christmas didn’t fall on you?

 I was the person staying up wrapping presents late on Christmas Eve even after I had vowed I would “Start earlier next year.” Instead the weeks before Christmas I was stressed and rushing around like a crazy person . . .

until I figured out “The Holiday Calendar Plan!”

Since then, every year for the past two decades over 2,000 women and myself annually trade chaos for calm by downloading my Annual Holiday Calendar and Master Gift list to put in their Simplify Your Holiday Season planning book.

This year I added so much more to the Planning along with those two key tools.

We’ve made it digital for you plus so many more features!

The 8-Week Holiday Calendar Plan guides you to know . . .


  • Exactly when to start your Holiday plans so you can actually bake Christmas cookies for the first time in years
  • What to do and when on the 8-Weeks covering Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s in your clean decorated home
  • A Weekly Checklist of easy, doable tasks to be ready early AND watching Hallmark movies by your lighted Christmas Tree
  • How to avoid the last few weeks of Christmas stress and sit and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa playing games with family.


I’ve Gone Above and Beyond my Famous 8-Week Planning Calendar and Created a whole Holiday Planning Bundle including 7 New Items like . . .

  1. How to Create you Gift List in Google Drive so you can view it on your phone when shopping
  2. The Best Chart to detail what you bought online and not forget where you hide the presents
  3. How to get Family Gift suggestions of things they want and like without sending nagging texts
  4. A Clever way to Corral all the Gift suggestions without laying awake at night trying to remember what’s left to do
  5. A Holiday Notebook Cover and Tabs to hold ALL your Holiday lists, purchases, and menus
  6. A Step-by-Step Video showing you exactly how to organize your planning and activities like a Pro organizer
  7. One proven way to make sure you cover everyone with equal gifts so they feel loved and celebrated by You!



Why would you need to plan for the holidays?

“Nothing is too hard in itself for the holidays. It’s all the little things that add up to cause us stress.
Spread them out to remain calm through the season. Your friends will wonder what you’ve been up to!”

The Holiday Season Calendar Plan is your guide to turn the most stressful time of the year into seasonal success year after year. It is your answer to finding peace and calm when life is already busy and complicated in December. It’s a way to fine tun on paper the many items you lay awake worrying about and trying to remember to do. No more. You’ll sleep like a baby knowing it’s all planned in your Holiday Notebook.

Holiday Planning Hub

What you’ll get this with this bundle . . .

1) The detailed one of a kind 8-Week Holiday Season Calendar
2) Your Personal Holiday Plan with my Personal Example of exactly what I do
3) The Master Gift List as a Download to fold and take with you in your purse
4) The Master Gift List digital version in Google Sheets to have on your phone when you go shopping!
5) Week-by-Week Holiday Task Checklist divided up for only 3 per week as a  to follow.

PLUS a Step-by-Step video to put all this together and not only “look”organized, but to be organized!

Remember the holidays are as much a matter of organization
as they are a matter of the heart. Get better at both
and fully enjoy the season yourself!


Hi, I’m Marcia Ramsland, the Holiday Coach and have been a Holiday Spokesperson for Sam’s Club Holiday Entertaining. What I did for them, I’m doing for you – teaching you how to have a “Holiday Planning Hub” that gets you motivated and on track for a stress-free Holiday Season.

It’s works! Once you see the beauty of the Planning aspects, you’re going to feel like you can really sit and …

* Share a meaningful Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s with loved ones.

  • Give gifts from your heart and within your budget
  • Decorate with just the things you like early enough to enjoy them all season
  • Have the time to send cards because you want to, not because you have to
  • Watch people’s faces light up as they open your gifts or help at a charity.
  • You’ll find successful calendar prep dates that work for you and your situation.This is the first time we’ve had a pandemic Christmas and we need that extra “umph” to celebrate what has been a tough year. This is your solution to find an easy way to make the joy of the season come alive in your heart and in others.

May you have a wonderful Holiday Season from start to finish!


Marcia Ramsland, Your Holiday Coach for 2021!

“Coaching Busy People like You to Make Every Day Count!”

Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, Bestselling Author, Organizing Coach and Speaker